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Employing the element of surprise.

<span class="bold">Wildfire</span>, an action/adventure of stealthy arcana, is coming soon, DRM-free on

Your magical talents are the reason you are feared, hated, and persecuted. But they can also be your salvation: shape the environment by manipulating fire, water, ice, or earth and stealth past superstitious enemies or send them fleeing in panic. Your fellow villagers need you now more than ever, so consider recruiting a friend to tackle the challenges in co-op mode, if necessary.

Come see fire, over the mountains.
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it's coming in May the 5th.

I'm sorry, it's actually May 26th
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BeatriceElysia: it's coming in May the 5th.

I'm sorry, it's actually May 26th
Funny, I was talking about this to a friend just yesterday as that game I've been waiting for an eternity but I've kind of lost hope to see ever.
That will be May 2021.
Humble Bundle just informed me that "We are so excited to announce, in conjunction with Sneaky Bastards, that Wildfire will be playable May 26th!". I've immediately came here to check if the game is going to be available on GOG – and found this post – from 2017 xD

I hope this time it's really coming soon. Looks just great!
Shit. >decides to work on his backlog like crazy<

>realises there are still six campaigns left in Disciples 2<

Shit. As happy as I am to see it actually happening, I'll probably not get around to it before something like 2023 :P
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It's here!
After all these years the game is available for purchase on GOG!
Happy to see it here. Will pick it up later today.
Good lord, for a split second I thought Gog was about to list Wildlife :P