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Prepare for some cool game discoveries. Two titles from PQube - an action RPG Kitaria Fables, a dystopian adventure The Plane Effect - are coming soon to GOG.COM.

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Cool. I'm definitely interested in Kitaria. Not sure why it's not here, but you can try the demo on Steam - that's pretty much the only thing I use Steam for nowadays: a demo station. ;)

Plane Effect looks curious. I wouldn't mind seeing even more PQube games on GOG. :)
I'm also hoping White Day, and the upcoming sequel, land here.
The Plane Effect: can a videogame character walk and run slower than Kate Walker in Syberia 1 & 2? Now, yes.
Just gave the Kitaria demo a try and I really like it. As I suspected, it's like Rune Factory but with animal characters. :) I'll be sure to grab it on release.
The Plane Effect looks interesting. It reminds me of Inside. I've added it to my wishlist for now, as a reminder to check if it'll have achievements after release.
A publisher with two very polarized style, but both look very very VERY promising especially the Harvest Moon but with cute animals omg I need that. The Plane Effect looks very promising as well.
MeowCanuck: Very cool to see more Indonesian (Kitaria Fables) and Italian (The Plane Effect) games on here! More cat games are greatly appreciated.
Wow, the publishers covered Indie games from all over the world huh. Also they seems to have great taste too.
Post edited July 24, 2021 by RedRagan