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This is a unique mix of adventure and idle game for those who wish to train patience and resolve. THE LONGING from Application Systems Heidelberg is coming soon on GOG.COM. Your job as a lonely Shade is to spend 400 days deep below the surface before the mighty underground king can be reborn.
Looks like you need a hell of a lot of patience for this one.
400 days - that's a damn long time for a person of my age.
But I'm bold and shall start that adventure.
The description sounds interesting and the art makes me smile.


However, I have a question about the system requirements:
Minimum system requirements:
Broadband Internet connection ???
Does that mean that I can't play offline?
I don't hope so.
Looks interesting. At least as an innovative concept for a game.
looks weird. i like weird.

will buy.
Still kind of strange for me to see the name Application System Heidelberg resurface as a publisher of PC indie games, when the last time I've seen it was in connection with software and games for the Atari ST in the late 80's (STAD, Signum!, Esprit). But I have to say, this game's frame incidentally does remind me a bit of the ST style back in he days ... :D

Looks pretty nice, in any case. The game's concept sounds kind of weird, not sure yet if the good or bad kind. Maybe more like a mobile game than one you'd sit down to play on the PC?
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Sounds interesting.
This is one of these games I didn´t know I need in my life, until I saw it. Hopefully it´s not too expensive. I want to buy it day one.
Sounds more like a tamagotchi than a pc game. Nicheus maximums!
The little guy reminds me to a Moomin character . :)
A "complete immersion" option slowing game speed twice or trice, perhaps?
The slow movements are really putting me off but it's insteresting.
There is a 4 hours trailer where nothing happpens except some sort of a short dream or memory at 3:30

Bizarre black metal irony?

Minimum system requirements:
Broadband Internet connection ???
gixgox: Does that mean that I can't play offline?
I don't hope so.
I'm assuming that's just for downloading the game.

I absolutely love the art style and premise, so I'll probably buy this.

But that clock scares me.
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Looks great, but I'm afraid it comes with unacceptable gameplay.
Neat concept, I guess... but ain't nobody got time for that.