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In a galaxy too far away...

<span class="bold">The Long Journey Home</span>, the thrilling space exploration adventure of a mismatched crew, is coming soon, DRM-free on!

Stranded light years away from home, your group of incompatible individuals must work together to find a way back through procedurally generated galaxies and intriguing RPG mechanics. Meet over twelve alien races and use your skills and smarts to negotiate hundreds of handwritten quests that could help you escape this uncharted corner of the galaxy.
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high rated
Damn, and I thought this is tease about The Longest Journey: Home game Ragnar was talking about, that he would like to do after Dreamfall Chapters.
Keeping my eye on this one. The premise really speaks to me. I love the idea of a procedurally generated galaxy, but the fact that you have an an ultimate mission at hand...survive, and return home, somehow, someway
Nice :) Looks and sound very inter...

...roguelikes ...
eeek! *runs the opposite direction as fast as possible*
This looks to be a great game if everything works out as planned. It would be nice to see the UI though.

It really is the type of game that draws my attention and one that would be interesting and fun to play.

This is one of the few upcoming games that I will watch and wait for, and who knows, maybe even pre-order.
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From the looks of it, this is what No Man's Sky should have been.... I think this game is very interesting and i look forward to its release.. GOG has been on a roll this week!
"Coming soon", FALL 2017. Haha. Also, I'm allergic to yellow skies.
One of the writers working on this, Richard Cobbett, used to do a very funny column on the PC Gamer website, so I've been looking forward to this since he announced his involvement.

Do wish they'd picked a different title though, I'd hate it if Funcom had to rename The Longest Journey Home (which I still believe will definitely happen. Soon.) over copyright issues.
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Nice. Reminds me of Out There, with a little more action.
Looks promising as heck.
Anyone knows where is this Daedalic Studios West? Cross the Atlantic, eh?
Isn't Kai Rosenkranz doing the music for this?
Screenshots look a bit "meh" (gorgeous, but meh as far as the gameplay revealed) HOWEVER if they deliver on what the description promises I'm going to be very excited.

I've been DYING for a Star Control / Starflight type game. I never played them on / near release and while I really want to try them now (especially Starflight) I know they just look too dated for me to enjoy.

I hope it has deep "crunchy" bits - I'm a sucker for crew stats and abilities, ship equipment and upgrades and the like. Combine that with discovery and deep story / quests like it seems to imply and it will really have my attention.
Looks like something I could enjoy. Will keep an eye out for its release.

And gOg? Thanks for posting videos on the game page that I can watch on my crappy connection without it playing like a slideshow. Much appreciated - ran nicely, though at low res.
Boy I hope it's better than that other space game with randomly generated stuff. It sure does look it. Hopefullyy good reviews will roll in. Looks amazing.
Tarhiel: Damn, and I thought this is tease about The Longest Journey: Home game Ragnar was talking about, that he would like to do after Dreamfall Chapters.
me too LOL