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No jokes allowed through here.

<span class="bold">Serious Sam's Bogus Detour</span>, a frantic top-down shooter with chaotic co-op and versus modes, is coming soon, DRM-free, to

Sam is not joking around, as the monsters littering the beautiful pixelated locales of the Mediterranean are about to find out. Team up with friends to tackle the campaign and face the Survival challenges in co-op or turn your miniguns against each other in Versus mode - Bogus Detour is pure, breathless fun any way you slice it.

Watch the trailer.
Post edited June 20, 2017 by maladr0Id
MaxFulvus: Croteam are like RWS, pro-Steam devs who treat drm-free customers as second class gamers.
Projectsonic: I think it's more like Team17 than RWS. They just don't have the resources to work outside of Steamworks. Observe Worms Reloaded's DRM-Free release without multiplayer, with an eternal "coming soon." It isn't the DRM removal, it's the work required to restore full functionality.

Maybe with Galaxy we'll see the rest of the library come out though?
They've got the resources to do a bunch of VR projects and throw stuff free at Steam users, and Devolver Digital behind them who seems to have no trouble filling digital marketplaces with random junk.

Really doubt it's resources.
fronzelneekburm: Figures that the only Serious Sam game that gets a release here is one that Scroteam apparently has nothing to do with.
The only Serious Sam game that gets a release here besides the two Serious Sam games that got a release here, you mean?

(And which are currently 80% off in the sale, by the looks of it...)