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Overland is coming soon, DRM-free.

Take care of a group of travelers on a post-apocalyptic road-trip across the United States in this turn-based survival game. Fight scary creatures, rescue stranded survivors, and scavenge for supplies like fuel, first aid kits, and weapons. Decide where to go next, whether it's upgrading this wrecked car, or rescuing that dog. Just remember, there are consequences for every action. Get ready for close calls, dramatic escapes, hard choices, arguing about whether or not that dog gets rescued, and the end of the world.
low rated
fridgeband: For the first few short moments of the teaser trailer, I thought, "oh this is really interesting" but then I kind of started to see how small the map is, and then I got that FTL vibe from it. I think the game could have benefited from a much larger play area (bigger maps) because it SEEMS, key word being that it SEEMS like, (not confirmed, I'm not the devs and I don't know anything) every time the player successfully survives a map and gets in their car to move on, they end up in another section they have to try and escape from again. This makes it seem like every map is going to be "you're surrounded by weird alien zombie bugs that are all converging on the center of this extremely tiny map towards the player, which is in the center of the very tiny map. I sort of like the look of the game, but I'm just going to watch it from a distance carefully because I worry it might be too repetitive for my tastes. I dunno.

save those doggos!

I'm really happy it exists too, but yea, maybe not for me... I'm still very unsure. I love the visual style and the turn based gameplay that moves so fluidly that it almost doesn't seem turn based (I'm assuming).
Zoidberg: Uuuuh, better prepare yourself for true tbt, this is only a trailer.

If you are not fan of turn by turn gameplay, I'd advise you not to put too much hope in this game. :P
hmm, I do enjoy turn based gameplay, but it really depends on how it's done. I love everything about this, but the size of the map gets me a bit concerned that perhaps it might get repetitive for me, because of the way the trailer seems. But I'll wait. Maybe I will see more gameplay and I will really like it. I am happy this exists :D