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The award-winning action role-playing game created by Guerrilla studio finally makes its way to your PC.
Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition is coming soon on GOG.COM! The GOG version of the game will be released on November 24th with a full set of GOG GALAXY 2.0 features, including achievements, cloud saves, and more.

Prepare to join Aloy on her legendary quest to unravel the mysteries of a world ruled by deadly Machines. An outcast from her tribe, the young hunter strives to understand the past, discover her destiny, and stop the catastrophic threat to the future.

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YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instant buy will be!
I didn't know this one, but looks quite impressive. Wishlisted.
*jaw drops* So it is true...
Holy shit instant buy . Take my money now
badass! will instabuy this on tuesday!
high rated
Never thought i would see Playstation as a publisher here but thx to both PS and Guerilla for the release.
high rated
Ha ha glad I never bought it on PS4 because of a severe open world fatigue, now I can get it DRM free without any remorse.
The system requierments are... well, high. But that is with todays AAA games anyway.
THAT comes quite unexpected. Cannot wait...
high rated
OMG ! I can't believe it ! Sony is releasing one of its biggest IP DRM-FREE on GOG ?!

Well thanks a lot :D

(Shame on you Microsoft :p)

Well... Huh. Never expected to this to come here. On another positive note, all the Steam players got to do the bug testing for us. ;)

I'll definitely be snatching this one up as soon as it's available.
SONY game?
high rated
This like the Spanish Inquisition!

I don't know who pulled off the deal, but they deserve a raise for sure. I'd never thought to ever see a -relatively- recent former Sony exclusive here. Well done!
high rated
WOW! Fantastic news. Thanks Sony and GOG!