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A world to fall in glove with.

<span class="bold">Hob</span>, a beautiful action-adventure from the creators of Torchlight, is coming soon, DRM-free, to

Is Hob a wanderer? A savior? Just another cog in life's sprawling machine? All you know is he has a task: To explore the serene landscapes, fiddle with enigmatic machines, fight or befriend the local wildlife and do his best to repair the planet. There is a vibrant open world for him to tame, filled with puzzles and danger, but also silent beauty and well-kept secrets. Bet his grappling mech-arm will likely come in handy, too.

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Post edited July 18, 2017 by maladr0Id
I really enjoyed torchlight, it was easy to play and good for some mindless fun, didnt take itself too seriously. Im going to wishlist this one and wait and see, it seems more platformy that i would like
Glad to see this will be here, I really didn't expect it after how long it took for us to get Torchlight 2. Thanks, Runic!
Looks interesting! Does it allow the player to save at any time?
Are these an ingame healing item?
Post edited July 18, 2017 by Darvond
YES YES YES! INSTA-BOUGHT! Time to delete this from my steam wishlist! B^)
I'm really glad to hear from Runic again. I loved Torchlight 1 and 2 and played them for an unhealthy number of hours. Just really beautiful worlds, good music, relaxing vibe, good spells and reasonable spookiness here and there.

Hope HOB is anywhere near as good. Though I'm not at all a fan of puzzles, so I do feel some reservations. I like exploring a game world and finding out how I can think creatively to solve problems in many different ways rather than finding out the one single solution to any sort of puzzle put before me. To each their own.

Still, it's Runic, so it has every chance of being great for a lot of people and at least good(ish?) for me.
Is the 71% off offer a glitch ?