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Endzone - A World Apart: Prosperity DLC is coming soon to GOG.COM.

All life begins to flourish again! While the first settlers struggled for simple survival, their descendants were already able to bring modest prosperity to this world. Lead this hopeful generation!

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If you haven't played Endzone, and like builder games at all, you should. It's a pretty good game. It's in the "Banished" family of games. It brings some interesting new mechanics (like light "sidequests" where you explore certain buildings before salvaging them in a mini-story-lite mote), and just generally great UI conveniences, like it casting lines from the edge of the building you're trying to place along the grid so you can see it. It's damned pretty too.

While it's not one that I wanted to go back and play again immediately after I 'completed' the one settlement I was building, I had a blast doing so, and had planned -- eventually -- to go back again. The listed additions in this DLC sound like good ones. They lengthen one settlement's game by adding to the end of the production chain/tech tree. That's a good way to do it. Though next one I'll probably start over from 0 again.

Note, I didn't play any of the scenarios, so I don't know how they are.
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The game sure knows how to look pretty. It seems interesting as well.
mqstout: Note, I didn't play any of the scenarios, so I don't know how they are.
They're... OK. They mostly vary one particular game factor while the core gameplay remains the same. Probably not really worth it compared to playing a custom game for most, unless people are interested in seeing things like what persistent high radiation rain does instead of how the game normally handles it. They'd also be a lot better with a little bit more custom work on them, for example I technically 'won' the radiation scenario but with every settler sterile from radiation which meant it was at best a pyrrhic victory and the settlement would be dead anyway a few years later. Something that addressed that situation would have added personality to the scenario.

The game itself is good for anyone wondering, most settlements do end up being very much the same but that is also a flaw of most games of its type.
Wait... This game got a full release and a DLC? I though it was still in development
I like the look of this, because it gives more hope to the world of Endzone. In truth, nothing lasts forever, and that also goes for miserable post-apocalyptic settings. Eventually, there can be a new world to thrive in with overgrowth and things to rediscover.