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If you enjoy grand strategy games, this might be a title just for you! Empire of the Ants is coming soon on GOG!

Empire of the Ants is a strategy colony simulator, based on Bernard Werber’s best-seller of the same title. The game offers an experience close to the iconic book series, an immersive adventure where you get to play as the Ant Savior. Your quest is to lead your “people” and rebuild a home, protect them in tactical and strategic battles. Explore, build alliances, prosper and conquer new territories – all in a microscopic world of epic proportions.

Soon on GOG!
I have Empires of the Undergrowth, and I'm definitely going to get this one too!
I for one welcome our insect overlords.
aschaefer75: Unfortunately, it's nowhere available as a legal digital download...
DoomSooth: Wut? One of the other DRM-free stores has it. Guess which one. :)
I think he was referring to SimAnt, not the one available at ZP, which I have had my eye on waiting for a suitable discount, but will now likely get at GOG instead, if or when cheaper ... or maybe he doesn't realize the new one is the old one ... or maybe it is indeed a new one ... hard to tell at this stage with no year listed, though it does include the name Microids in the company field at GOG, so I suspect it will be the 2000 game.

P.S. ZP have an official trailer.
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maxleod: Yeah, could we get SimAnt instead? Instabuy as well.
- SimAnt
- SimEarth
- SimLife
- Sim Tower
- SimCopter

Yeah, someone poke EA/Maxis (and OPeNBook) with a long stick and make it happen.
DoomSooth: Wut? One of the other DRM-free stores has it. Guess which one. :)
dadiddy: Huh, I did not know "zoom platform" yet. Thank you X-)
me neither.. there are a couple of games available there, which I was already looking for in my usual accounts (GOG, Steam, EA, Epic, Humble, Ubi, Blizzard, Itch) with no success. Thank you for this info