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Tugging at the threads of fate.

<span class="bold">EITR</span>, a combat-intensive tale woven within the intriguing tapestry of Norse mythology, is coming soon, DRM-free, to

When Loki the trickster god tampered with your Shield Maiden's fate, he forever upset the balance maintained by the great tree Yggdrasil. Study your opponents' moves, strike with cunning and vigor, and discover the destiny bestowed upon you. EITR's innovative experience system lets you choose between the safety of permanent upgrades or the gamble of powerful ones that disappear upon death, like tears in rain.

Watch the trailer.
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release it already!!!
Niiiiiiice! :)
this looks pretty cool. is there a tentative release window?
+1 for Blade Runner reference :)

shit, my caps lock is stuck again

there it goes


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Eitr. Splendid! Native German speakers will love that name! It sounds exactly like the German word for "pus".
very much looking forward to this. :)
So the main question now is 'how soon is soon?'
Great titlename and lore (Eitr is a [url=]mythological substance[/url] just like Ambrosia or Ichor in ancient Greek mythology), amazing chanting in the trailer (hope the soundtrack will be like that) and great visuals. I have a feeling it'll be a great game...
zais: So the main question now is 'how soon is soon?'
Considering it's been 'coming to Steam' for nearly 2 years... :S
The name of this game reminds me of that moment, when Richie Kotzen was guest in a German TV-Show, and he asked the host: "I heard my name has a special meaning in German? What is ist?"
And then, after the explanation (kotzen = to puke): "Oh shit!"

Perfect! This one was on my Steam wishlist, but I prefer buying it here! Thanks GOG!
Remarkable Experience System: Eitr replaces the traditional experience point structure of an action RPG with the unique Favor System, requiring a choice between permanent level upgrades and more powerful but fleeting perks that can be upon death.
I'm guessing it's supposed to say 'that can be lost upon death'.