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Tugging at the threads of fate.

<span class="bold">EITR</span>, a combat-intensive tale woven within the intriguing tapestry of Norse mythology, is coming soon, DRM-free, to

When Loki the trickster god tampered with your Shield Maiden's fate, he forever upset the balance maintained by the great tree Yggdrasil. Study your opponents' moves, strike with cunning and vigor, and discover the destiny bestowed upon you. EITR's innovative experience system lets you choose between the safety of permanent upgrades or the gamble of powerful ones that disappear upon death, like tears in rain.

Watch the trailer.
Post edited June 29, 2017 by maladr0Id
From Discord:

"The page is just unlisted, but it still exists in Steam, just not public at the moment, the developers are looking into what happened be rest assured that the game isn't cancelled, probably just some snafu at Devolver's end of things"

"Yep no worries it's just hidden at the moment until there's a solid plan in place for the release of the game"
SylvanFae: Yeah, Epic only wish is to take vaporware, and make you cry and wait a steam release.
No, it's way simpler than that.
Game was more than 5 years in dev, recent youtube footage showed shit product, release was announced in summer of 2019, if not mistaken, only to delay the game again for one year again. Devs went radio silent for years, there was only one staff member claiming it's alive and rumors they lost funding from Devolver.

Epic won't give money for air, no matter how much they wasted money before.
I feel like people still don't know how to handle the sunk cost fallacy in indie development. Instead of bringing a project to an end they keep on pouring resources into it for additional couple of years at times or very quietly start to ghost everyone involved just to avoid the inevitable.