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Chasm: The Rift, one of the most thrilling and innovative classic FPS, is coming to GOG with full 4K support, improved sound design, achievements, and localised into 12 languages.
Genre: Action, Shooter
SpecShadow: I hope that's the sign of more Action Forms' titles coming.
Except Cryostasis which most likely won't run that great on modern hardware, being the victim of fancy (at the time) new tech not compatible with more modern hardware...
I got my Cryostasis safe here in my gog shelf but didn't know it won't run properly these days. Thanks for the tip mate
Nice. Just thought about playing once again one of the Doom games... Now looking forward to this to me unknown one.
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Yes! Finally I wount have to rely on CD images to play this (as I own the cheap Sold Out CD version which is missing the in game music.)
I own it in a physical cheap rerelease copy and enjoyed it pretty much in the past. It is basically what could be defined as a "standard/proper" Quake clone. Even in the palette used ingame.

For me It was a bit slow in Dosbox under higher resolutions, so I have hopes in this port. to retry the game again. Obviouslly wishlisted
Looks really nice, how is it that i've never heared of this game before?
Screamshield: Looks really nice, how is it that i've never heared of this game before?
It was never that big, funnily enough the one time 'cult' could be applied to a game but it wasn't. It's pretty good though if you like that later 90s shooter
Excellent, I was waiting for this news. :)
Screamshield: Looks really nice, how is it that i've never heared of this game before?
Because it was buried under an avalanche of Doom and Quake clones.
This news is freaking awesome. Chasm The Rift is The Greatest FPS Game of all times, you can believe me. I've played it when I was young and have only positive memories and emotions about The Game! I will buy it at any cost (but for a reasonable price. I am not Elon Musk ;)), because this game is the part of me, the part of my childhood, the part of my identity... I started to learn the English language seriously in school, university, and after only because didn't understand the plot of the Games (and Chasm The Rift was among them). Now I'm thankful not only to my Teachers of the English language but also to all the Games that give me the opportunity to learn English!!!
So Gog, Developers, Publisher I want to tell you please don't f@ck up all but Give all The Gamers Cool Game, with as many features as you can (Cloud Saves, Overlay, ?!Achievements?!). When Chasm The Rift will be available in Gog Store I will buy it and will play it all day long and many days after. I want to feel all the awesome memories again!!!
One more wish, please make it run on Windows 7 x64, I tried W10 one more time but it is so painful so I got back to my favorite Windows 7 and I like it a lot!!!
Yes! Finally!
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Wishlisted, the sooner this releases, the better :)
NuffCatnip: Wishlisted, the sooner this releases, the better :)
Devs, Publisher and GoG team, Take your time to polish The Game and add all features that you can! Gamers need The Perfection itself (^_^)