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Looking for a retro point-and-click adventure? You’ll love this one, then – Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars: Reforged is coming soon on GOG!

Relive the acclaimed and multi-award-winning journey of Broken Sword - the Shadow of the Templars, now in stunning 4K visuals and with remastered iconic audio. Follow the daring American George Stobbart and the courageous journalist Nico Collard as they embark on a thrilling expedition filled with danger, intrigue, and age-old mysteries.

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If I remember right, backgrounds are completely redrawn, and AI is used to create interpolating frames in between hand-drawn frames for animations (and then manually fixed once the AI has done the bulk of the work). I don't know what they did with the full-motion videos though.
MarkoH01: In this case the actual art has been drawn by a human several years ago. We are simply speaking about enhancing it to look better on HD displays. Imo it is perfectly fine to use AI upscaling.
Everyone suspects devs using AI these days. Personally I don't care, "how" they improve the graphics, as long as they get the job done. Modders of course like to use AI to upscale textures, but I'd say that most artists still work with hand drawings. And for the dev it's much easier to explain to a human how the animation should play, how many pixels the char can move (or not), than to a machine.
TT_TT_TT_TT: Gotta say though the price tag (from kickstarter) of 45 quid for the digital collectors edition seems pretty steep
neumi5694: It definitly is.
They currently got 330k (Euro) already after only a few days, but they aimed for 60k.
If 60k is what it takes to create the remake, then 50€for a purely digital Collector's Edition is a lot.
The extras are not THAT impressive: sountrack (~1 hour), documentary, script, comic book introduction, booklet, some posters.
I backed it just to make sure to not forget, but I am thinking of canceling.

Other projects need my money more (playing a RC of a point & click adventure right now, that will get released in a couple of days, I hope they have a foothold on GOG. But so far they have been very silent about where they are gonna release the DRM free version)
Did you finally decide if you will keep backing it?

It somehow feels like they "punishing"/cashgrabbing their kickstarter backers/die hard fans with this pricing.
Considering that Return to Monkey Island was priced at 25€ and the recent larry installments either way 30 or 35€ i dont think they will be able to place the game even at a 40€ price point (at least after the really initial release) so 50€ for the initial backers which kinda found the game seems harsh.

For my part while i love point and click and also did some recent kickstarters (like Wasteland 2 and a Bards Tale IV) i just can't justify what they asking for.

Really hope the game gonna be nice and hope that they will surprise with something that will be worth our while (and money :D)
TT_TT_TT_TT: Did you finally decide if you will keep backing it?
I still have a few weeks :) But it'll be probably a pass, not least because I just bought a new graphic card :D

And yeah, I love p&c too. I recently backed three others :)
And I also like the Broken Sword games, but they are not my favourites.