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New gameplay video released showcasing the beginning of the game, party hiring, spending stat and skill points, buying equipment and getting beaten by bandits while trying to complete side quest with underpowered party. This time with voiceover! Sorry about that voice and game's music are little bit unbalanced, but next time it will be better. I hope you enjoy!
Witchgrove Games: Almost forgot, Twin Falls Castle Town has been through lots of changes visually and here's couple of screenshots to prove it.
The screenshots of the TF Castle Town look very nice. :)

I also like how clean the graphics look from a distance.
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Witchgrove Games: Almost forgot, Twin Falls Castle Town has been through lots of changes visually and here's couple of screenshots to prove it.
gog2002x: The screenshots of the TF Castle Town look very nice. :)

I also like how clean the graphics look from a distance.
Thanks! I also like clean graphics and always turn motion blur and dof off if possible. There's not gonna be any blurring effects in this game. :)
Some other things to consider:
* Is key rebinding implemented?
* When you're about to quit, does the game tell you how long it's been since your last save?
dtgreene: Some other things to consider:
* Is key rebinding implemented?
* When you're about to quit, does the game tell you how long it's been since your last save?
Key rebinding is something I've been looking into, but there are some restrictions with the engine and plugins that I haven't yet figured out how to overcome. But I keep looking into it and see if there's some sort of solution.

The game shows playtime in saves and menu, but there's no separate pop-up window or anything like that when you quit.
Steam page is up and running:
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There's going to be a demo version coming to Steam in near future. I'm doing some final testing before releasing it.

In the demo I give player the opportunity to explore The Great Forest, which has northern and southern areas. I've done some changes to that area specifically for this demo. There's one side-quest to complete (it will be different in the final game), lots of treasures and secrets to find, merchant to trade with and farmer's house for resting, and also one of the optional dungeons The Old Tower to solve (there's two ways to gain access there). The demo ends as soon as the tower is completed. Until then player can explore the forest freely.

I've removed access to couple of areas, all the main story elements and some gameplay mechanics that are not needed in this demo.
Demo has been released at Steam:
Alright, before I get more feedback about 'broken combat', here's some words of advice:

Chronicles of Vaeltaja contains lots of mechanics in the play, so here’s few gameplay tips to get you started. When spending stat and skill points to characters, balance is the keyword. You won’t get far by placing all the points to ‘strength’ and weapon skill, that will only lead to a character build that may hit hard, but is unable to wear better armor and sucks at defending. Therefore characters dealing physical melee damage need to find good balance between ‘strength’, ‘stamina’ and ‘agility’, and weapon and armor skills.

Some battle techniques may need good values in other stats too: for example some bow techniques may deal better damage if the character’s ‘perception’ is good and so on. In battle ‘strength’ is important for melee characters, and ‘agility’ is important for ranged characters.

Caster character has to find balance between robe, staff and magic skills. For example mage has to increase ‘elemental power’ and the certain spell skill, such as Flame, to increase the power of the Flame spell. ‘Intelligence’ also affects magic damage. On the long run some caster characters, such as priests, can be balanced to be an effective healer, while being able to deal some physical damage.

Main character has the skills, such as ‘speech’ or ‘lockpicking’, which are used to interact with the world, but also stats will have some affect. For example your ‘speech’ skill won’t help much if your ‘charisma’ is so low that nobody wants to talk to you about anything interesting. There is also a slight random element/dice roll for stat and skill actions, so if you fail to pick a lock the first time, try again. But if you keep failing constantly, your skill is too low.

There are also some skills that can’t be improved, such as Shadow’s ‘shadow cloak’ skill and Priest’s ‘cure poison’. That might change for the final release of the game.

W,A,S,D movement, with Q,E for turning. For activation SPACE or mouse left button. ESC or mouse right button to exit menus.

For ‘fullscreen’ press F4.

Known issues:

1. There happens some stutter occasionally, when the game loads cells that it has divided levels into, but optimization will be done for the final release.

2. In Stat&Skills menu when spending points, arrows that allow to increase or decrease skill value don’t align properly. Changing to different character can help the issue little bit, but it won’t fix it. I’ve been looking into it, but haven’t found a solution yet.

3. Sometimes enemy hit boxes doesn’t register mouse cursor properly, so it’s advisable to choose enemies with keyboard.

4. Because of the unorthodox camera settings to achieve proper gameplay feel, interacting with the gameworld using keyboard may cause a certain issue: You may be facing a door or treasure chest, but SPACE doesn’t activate it. In this case press W and then SPACE.
Released a small balancing update.

1. Now there shouldn't be any other enemies than bats in the first enemy encounter.
2. Party has 750 coins at start.
3. Aesis has now better starting gear.
4. Healing spell should be now little bit stronger.
5. Nikarus (wolves) has now slightly lower strenght.
Released a small balancing update.

1. Tweaked damage for attack skills and spells, so party's ability to deal damage is little bit better now.
2. Edited armor and weapon descriptions.
I've just released a balancing update for the demo.


Fallen party members are revived when resting at the farmer's house.
First bat encounter now only has 2-4 bats.
Changed loot in treasure chests to be more useful in the beginning.
After a certain point in both questlines merchant will have new equipment in his inventory (check before entering the Old Tower).
Warrior's, Hunter's, Mage's and Healer's rings will slightly raise certain stats.
Balanced enemy troops in the Old Tower.
I've received quite good feedback from the demo so far and some of it has inspired me to make some changes to the skill system. These changes won't be coming for the demo as I have to focus on developing the full game, but I thought that I share some information about it beforehand.

I've renamed 'Stats & Skills' menu to 'Character'. Stats and skills are still presented in the same way, but there are some changes to how skills work. Each class have two 'class skills', which are the first two skills in the skill list. For example Mage now has 'Warlock' and 'Wizard' skills and Hunter has 'Archer' and 'Survivalist'. These new 'class skills' determine what kind of spells and combat abilities character is able to learn. For example when improving 'Warlock' skill, it will unlock the ability to learn various elemental attack spells, while 'Wizard' skill grants ability to learn different kind of spells. While these new 'class skills' give access to spells and abilities, you still need to buy/learn them from various places.

Under these 'class skills' are listed the basic skills of the class. For example Mage still has skills like Staff, Robes, Magic Armor and so on, which determine what kind of equipment character can use. But there is one quite significant change to these basic skills: Now some of the classes have skills that were previously restricted to the main character. For example now Shadow has 'Lock Picking' skill and Hunter has 'Disarm Traps'. This means that instead of improving main character's 'Lock Picking' skill, you can spend those points to some other skill and improve Shadow's 'Lock Picking'.

These changes will provide much more variety when building your party and leveling up the characters and therefore add even more replay value. You can even try to find two Mages for your party and make one of them Wizard and the other Warlock, or stick with only one who is something in between.

I hope these changes will get you excited!
A QoL update released for the Chronicles of Vaeltaja's demo.
New Options:
- Full Screen
- Font change
- UI colour change
- Proper 'game over' screen
Patch notes:
Witchgrove Games: I hope these changes will get you excited!
It seems the game is coming along nicely.....tis good to see :)
(when the game is completed, I might just find some time to give it a whirl)