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Sarafan: Big thanks to psychosopher for organizing this wonderful event! It would be great if this became a tradition similar to the Secret Santa. :)
^ This! :)

Thx for organizing this charming Xmas event, psychosopher!
Thank you for tomb raider 1+2+3 !!!
Thanks so much for the game! Merry Christmas to all!
Thanks for the gift psychosopher.

Happy holidays everyone!
Thank you for the gift psychosopher, I had it in my mind :)

Merry Christmas to you and everyone
Thank you for the game. I really appreciate it!
Happy holidays everyone!
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Thank you for the game and Merry Christmas! to everyone.
Thank you very much for this game and this wonderful gesture !

Enjoy the holidays and happy new year !
Many thanks to psychosopher for this awesome giveaway, and for putting Never Alone: Arctic Collection in my Christmas stocking !  :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !  :-)
gogtrial34987: Thanks to the both of you, as well to everyone else who donated a game. Merry christmas!
I'd never looked at State of Mind before, but it looks quite interesting, and has Linux support, so I'm very much looking forward to giving it a try. :)
You're welcome !  Have fun !  :-)
psychosopher: ...we did it!... Thank you!!!
....I`ll better go now or my family will ask me to sleep on a sleigh ^ ho ho ho Baby Jesus! : )

Good Night Everyone! Happy 2022!
Your sleigh should be spacious enough to sleep on now that you've delivered all the presents. ;-)

Hope you had as lovely a time during the holiday weekend as the Christmas gift you got me; thank you very much.

Happy Holidays!
Thank you psychosopher for creating this little thing which brought warmth to all our hearts these holidays. I wish an productive and healthy New Year to you and every member of this forum. Oh, and may we have even more games come pouring in over here starting with; what else, Skyrim.
Other words than Thank you! would not do.

You got me making same mess next year starting with 50 (curated? healthy!) games on 1st December 2022. We will use a wheel again, and this year's wheel is here

This is all for Jesus, name me crazy I would sign it.

You are all great people far from being boring, thank you for leaving this stamp at this portal, we will bring more games here and survive following winters! We have rescued Claus too! Nick is resting after running off from underice city of late Atlantis full of traps for smart adventurers and he just wanted to wander around for wall poems... silly boy... but we got him! This is going to be a fantasy year!
Have a lot of great moments in 2022 everyone on! ... and beyond.