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bjgamer: What a great way to help celebrate the holidays. Thank you psychosopher.

For a GOG game I would recommend Morrowind, an old favorite, which I will also donate to Santa's bag so another can enjoy it's story and lore-filled world.
BranjoHello: I didn't actually enter for a game, just wanted to wish for more love in this world. But, since it's my favorite RPG of all times, and a donation from bjgamer, it must be 50% heavenly intervention and 50% Christmas miracle, so I will humbly accept it.
Thank you and Merry Christmas! :)
I am very happy it found a good home with you. :) Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

Thank you again, psychosopher, for this thread. I was going to donate my game, but Shelter looks like a game I might really enjoy, so Finkleroy will receive another game donated to the community in it's stead.

Happy Holidays to all!
Thank you very much for this Christmas event psychosopher!!

In my case, I already had the game gifted to me, so feel free to donate it for another giveaway. Nonetheless, I really appreciate the gesture :).

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Thank you very much for organising this event, psychosopher, and to everyone who contributed!
Thanks for the gift and the good wishes psychosopher! Merry Christmas everyone!
Thank you to all the donors & participants and specially psychosopher for organizing this GA and the generous gift to me! :)

If you agree psychosopher, I would like to join the idea to extend the joy to more members donating the key to finkleroy's giveaway on your behalf :)

Merry Christmas forum!

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Thank you for DK2 :P
Big thanks to psychosopher for organizing this wonderful event! It would be great if this became a tradition similar to the Secret Santa. :)
Merry Christmas!
Thank you for the opportunity psychosopher and may you all have a good ending of year.
To anyone that is not having a good time right now, I really hope you all can feel better anyways and have a good time with your family and maybe friends!
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Many thanks to psychosopher, and Merry Christmas to everyone! ^_^
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...we did it!... Thank you!!!
....I`ll better go now or my family will ask me to sleep on a sleigh ^ ho ho ho Baby Jesus! : )

Good Night Everyone! Happy 2022!
Thank you psychosopher for the game and for the giveaway.

Merry Christmas to everyone !
Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you psychosopher for this great event.
Thank you again psychosopher for this giveaway and Merry Christmas to everyone!

I also already own the game I won, so I will donate it to someone else if psychosopher agrees. :)
Many thanks to psychosopher and happy holiday everyone!