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Meet the community-inspired NPC for the upcoming RPG epic

UPDATE: A slender column of white smoke rises gently towards the sky: <span class="bold">The community hath spoken</span>! Dominating the competition with a whopping 59% of all votes, Eithne has been chosen as the GOG Hero to join the cast of Divinity: Original Sin 2 – heading to day one.

Back in October, we asked you guys to devise a character with a unique quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2. We collected tons of incredible ideas, while the talented team at Larian Studios designed three characters to embody the most awesome of those traits and concepts:

- Doryld "The Doryld" Surpass: On a soapbox in the town square, the madman messiah proclaims his divinity. He is the new Divine! His audience of three, two of whom are drunk (the other may be you), ask for proof of his powers. He resists. They insist.

- Fadeland Johns: The veteran masked adventurer drones on about her exploits in the old world. How the young people of today don't know nothin'. She's going out into the world to show 'em how adventure is done proper. Just as soon as she finishes this drink.

- Eithne: You encounter Eithne - masked and cloaked - weighed down with a massive rucksack of knowledge. She has books to trade and books to sell - mostly rare and arcane knowledge better left unlearnt...

Turns out the allure of the wandering librarian was <span class="bold">irresistible</span>. Ancient scrolls? Forbidden knowledge? Enigmatic mask? Yes, please!
Thanks to everyone who helped choose the GOG Hero for Divinity: Original Sin 2 and for making the anticipation for this epic RPG even more unbearable. At least we have <span class="bold">Divinity: Original Sin</span> to keep us busy, right?
Heh, that dude reminds me of Sam Guevenne somewhat. Possibly more to him than meets the eye (not likely to be a real messiah though). Voted.

On a side note, Eithne changed much since the end of last century.
All three of those blurbs are great. It was a tough choice, but I see the one I did eventual decide on has a solid lead on votes.
Doryld "The Doryld" Surpass and Fadeland Johns are my two favorites. I took a long time to decide. I really don't like Eithne and then I see she has a solid lead with almost 60% of the votes. Sad times :(
Voted, though my favorite has no chance to winning :)
This is a dificult one.
I like the concept of Doryld, but Eithne just looks so much cooler.
Dju: Voted for Doryld, can't get enough nutbags in my RPGs :-)

Of course Eithne is going to win because she's the dark'n'gritty(c)(R)tm one.

Back in my days gamers knew what was fun
Not sure if sarcastic. Eithne is a vengeful librarian. What's not fun about that?

They're all crazy too, so that's not a deciding factor.
EndlessKnight: I don't care for any of the choices, so I shall vote for Eithne. ...because women are pretty. tee hee ヽ(^。^)ノ
Fadeland Johns is also female! Who will win your heart, the crazy lich adventurer or the crazy lich librarian?
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I was torn between the librarian and the nutbar, but eventually I voted for the nutbar because of the hilarity of the scene you set up.

I hope this is one of those situations where you don't stick to your guns and everybody wins anyways and they all end up in, seeing as you how you've already planned them all out.
Voted for "Eithne", and it looks like I was right on the money, as she is the current winner at this time. I think her popularity is because of the fitting "Dark Souls" look. That game is fashionably the rage of late.
Eithne at least seems like she'll DO something in the game. The other two strike me as purely eye candy.
Before I voted for Eithne, I was almost sure that she would be the last choice. A mad messiah or a drunk undead sounded more interesting for GOG's community's choices. Thank you everyone for proving me wrong.

VOTE FOR Eithne!
My first look at Eithne brought to mind Resident Evil 4's merchant (the guy who kept saying "stranger"). I really hope they plan to make a loose reference to that character through this one, given their similar occupations and visual parallels.
Insta-voted for The Doryld.
seems i voted the underdog .....

i watched them carefully, my decision was simple:

The Doryld has a face, its always hard to draw a nice, catchy face or emotion

2 and 3 are hidden behind helmet and mask....
so i choose 1 : The Doryld but it seems the % are the lowest
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Eithne. Nothing makes my day in RPGs as forgotten knowledge.
Goooo Eithne! Hahaha.

When I voted for her, I didn't suspect she would be in the lead. I'm glad to see she's winning, she's the coolest of the three to me. As a book lover myself, I have a soft spot for folks who share my interest, even if they happen to be fictional video game characters. I find The Doryld kind of interesting, too, though Fadeland Johns does nothing for me. No offence to those who voted for her, personal taste and all that.

Nice of you to hold this poll, GOG, it made my day a little more fun.