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Meet the community-inspired NPC for the upcoming RPG epic

UPDATE: A slender column of white smoke rises gently towards the sky: <span class="bold">The community hath spoken</span>! Dominating the competition with a whopping 59% of all votes, Eithne has been chosen as the GOG Hero to join the cast of Divinity: Original Sin 2 – heading to day one.

Back in October, we asked you guys to devise a character with a unique quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2. We collected tons of incredible ideas, while the talented team at Larian Studios designed three characters to embody the most awesome of those traits and concepts:

- Doryld "The Doryld" Surpass: On a soapbox in the town square, the madman messiah proclaims his divinity. He is the new Divine! His audience of three, two of whom are drunk (the other may be you), ask for proof of his powers. He resists. They insist.

- Fadeland Johns: The veteran masked adventurer drones on about her exploits in the old world. How the young people of today don't know nothin'. She's going out into the world to show 'em how adventure is done proper. Just as soon as she finishes this drink.

- Eithne: You encounter Eithne - masked and cloaked - weighed down with a massive rucksack of knowledge. She has books to trade and books to sell - mostly rare and arcane knowledge better left unlearnt...

Turns out the allure of the wandering librarian was <span class="bold">irresistible</span>. Ancient scrolls? Forbidden knowledge? Enigmatic mask? Yes, please!
Thanks to everyone who helped choose the GOG Hero for Divinity: Original Sin 2 and for making the anticipation for this epic RPG even more unbearable. At least we have <span class="bold">Divinity: Original Sin</span> to keep us busy, right?
I went with Fadeland Johns because it says if you disagree with her you will have to fight and kill her, it could be a way to get some really good armor.
Vote for Doryld. Crazy characters are always welcome^^
But what if . . .your vote doesn't matter, and it has already been decided?
Luned: There are cute bears that appear on GOG's 404 Error page, which the community has named "GOGBears".
Ahh... those 404 bears. Thanks for the info. :)
Voted for Doryld, can't get enough nutbags in my RPGs :-)

Of course Eithne is going to win because she's the dark'n'gritty(c)(R)tm one.

Back in my days gamers knew what was fun
Doryld is not winning? Shame.

Dju is right: "Back in my days gamers knew what was fun"
Dju: Of course Eithne is going to win because she's the dark'n'gritty(c)(R)tm one.
Eithne is going to win because the other two are cliché: mad delusional hippy; old decrepit drunkard (ok, the undead is a twist).
How can I choose?
-The Doryld has a crab on his head!
-I envy Fadeland Johns' ability to drink beyond the grave.
-And Eithne's love of documentation and hatred of the Black Ring match my own...

They'd all be at home in a Divinity game.

Who gives the best quests and rewards? ;)
Vote Fadeland Johns! A past we can believe in!

A pity that between all the money I spent recently and what I'm going to spend soon enough I really can't justify buying Original Sin right now, not even at 50% off. Not with some RPGs still in my backlog. Ah well, good things come to those who wait. Maybe by the time I get around to it both D:OS will be in some nice package deal.
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Konrad: All the ideas came from here:

We picked out a whole lot of amazing ones, and Larian Studios took it from there. :)
Maighstir: Ah, all right, I had forgotten that one. I was hoping they were inspired by you simply watching the community and picking out archetypes.
Well, if you think about it, most everyone here is either crazy, nostalgic, or knowledgeable. Or a combination thereof.

Hmmm. Now that I reflect upon it further, since I'm far from being knowledgeable and only mildly nostalgic I'm probably more on the crazy crowd.
I don't care for any of the choices, so I shall vote for Eithne. ...because women are pretty. tee hee ヽ(^。^)ノ
EndlessKnight: I don't care for any of the choices, so I shall vote for Eithne. ...because women are pretty. tee hee ヽ(^。^)ノ
Inner beauty perhaps. Considering she is undead and burnt up in a fire.
When there was topic with ideas for best GOGHero people had a lot better ideas than these three, sadly none of them were chosen, so as lesser evil for the most unique of the current ones I'll go with Eithne too.
Voted! :D
Voted for the Doryld. The comparison to GOG is pretty close, right? GOG is the Messiah of DRM-Free gaming, after all. :3