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Well, I'll be taking the giveaway down since no one entered. Sang-Froid goes all the way back to my trading post ; )

Sometimes I'm buying games because I'm curious to give it a try. One of those games is Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves, which I sadly never tried and keeping steam gift in my inventory for some time now. I know there is a demo available but with my huge backlog I think it'd be better if I give the game away to someone who really wants to play.

rules to enter giveaway:

- joined before fool's day of 2015
- how many hours a week do you play pc games?
- enter only for yourself because you are expected..
- ..writing a review about the game on steam in next few weeks*
- not bothered with your reputation as long as you're not a known scammer or beggar**

The giveaway will last until Wednesday, 5th of August AD 2015, some time about midday GMT time.

* short, long, it is all up to you anyway
** requires some activity other than entering giveaways

Have you ever read Luke Rhinehart’s The Dice Man?
Well, whenever I have a hard decision to make, I'm using The Rolling Dice : )

good luck and thank you!

The giveaway has ended. Thank you all and see you next Monday : )
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not in
I think I'll bump that one, just in case ; )
I already ownSang Froid here, so not in. But it is a fantastic game, one of the best gaming surprises of recent years. Highly recommended for anyone who likes demanding tactical games with some action and a cool atmosphere. Or just wants to play somehing unique and fresh.
Not in, but +1 for the giveaway.

I prolly spend a good 10 hours sometimes a bit more a weeks playing PC games and that's prolly just from not being to interested in the games I have. Aside from the couple I'm playing at the moment.
Thanks for this giveaway!  :-)

I already own this nice little game, so not in, but +1 for your generosity!  :-)
Thanks for the giveaway! +1

Not in. My PC game time varies wildly based on work, the kinds of games I'm playing, whether I'm in a gaming phase and other things. In the past week I've probably played between 15 and 20 hours at the absolute max.
Thank you very much for this giveaway. This game it´s awesome! I love it since the first time i watch it. Not in, +1.