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just thought I wanted to give this one a little bit more exposure.

Castle In The Darkness is the newest game from Nicalis and Matt Kap. it is an "action exploration platformer, with some RPG elements, much like the games from the Castlevania or Metroid series". And it is looking mighty fine.

It is due to be released 5th Feb.

It's on the wishlist.

Personally I'd like to see more of these retro platformers on GOG. Seems like a natural place for them.
amok, thanks and +1 for this! Voted. I'd really love to play that, GOG jump on it!
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Seems pretty good. And nostalgic! Count me in! I want it, too!
The game is currently in promotion on Steam (-50%)

Could have waited for it to end on a bundle but eh, cheap enough and it looks charming.
Hey, why isn't this on GOG? :(
It looks fairly generic for these days unfortunately, but I wouldn't mind it being on GOG.
Played it for 40m, the game controls are simple (directional controls + attack + jump, not even a pause button), really HARD (you die with few hits, mostly 2 or 3 and there are some traps that kills you in one hit) but like i said, charming, it really appeals to the nostalgia of the old plataform games and i love the references (humor) to games like Zelda and Ghost'n'Goblins. :)

Playing it with a controller, had to install extra stuff so that my DS4 worked but i have to say that i would prefer (and would buy it) to play it on a 3DS, shame there isn't a port...