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HunchBluntley: the Humble Store's filters (much like GOG's) aren't always all they're cracked up to be, including with the "DRM-free" tag. :)
I fully agree with you on this point, they have defaults… My girlfriend already got tricked into buying a game with a Linux version playable only through Steam, despite selecting both "Linux" and "DRM-free" filters.
But at least they exist, and seeing the route GOG is taking I would like to see something similar here.

I won’t comment on the rest of your post, I think we already understood each other quite well and I have nothing new to add ;)
There are much more genre filters available than shown on the shop search:
List from MaGog
action adventure arcade building chess combat comedy detective-mystery economic educational espionage exploration fantasy fighting fpp (first person perspective) historical horror jrpg (japanese role playing game) managerial metroidvania modern mystery narrative naval off-road open world pinball platformer point-and-click puzzle racing rally real-time roguelike role-playing sandbox sci-fi shooter simulation soccer sports stealth strategy survival tactical team sport touring tpp (third person perspective) turn-based virtual life visual novel

So you can search for third-person-view games
or whatever.

But if GOG does not show us these filters, no one will use them and search and buy his favorite game type. Themselves to blame.