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*visibility bump*
I'll bump this too, because important
Voted because it's important to have a receipt even for our gifted products -> Why should I burden my good friend who gifted me that last game with the need to archive the GOG purchase email for my gift? This should be my responsibility.
Excellent idea!
Voted! :-)
Voted !
Agreed and voted and bumped!

What possible reason could someone give to even get this feature removed willingly???
I don't understand, unless it was removed unintentionally by a bug/glitch or something.

*puts on tin-foil-hat:
It's a conspiracy I tell you. Lost receipts mean people will not be making refunds as often!

*takes off tin-foil-hat:
Thankfully we have ourpayment/creditcard statements for refunds in these cases, I suppose.
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*another visibility bump*
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I'll give this another visibility bump, as a confirmation email recently helped me out a bit. A lot.

I had a game go missing from my GOG library, where I'd seen it not two days before. More troubling, I had it missing from my order history, too. The game had been a gift, and not surprisingly, my PM history with the generous chap had also gone missing. Most troubling, the game was Sacrifice, and I was in fear for my life because Licurg. Also, I was missing out on a good bundle. That email confirmation was my only - dubious - claim to sanity. As you can tell, I'm still alive, mostly sane, and made whole once more, praise the Firek. Still, I dare not think what eldritch horrors might have befallen me had the confirmation email not been.