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foad01: You again. The lists show the current state of the boycott. Edit: It is the boycott which Longcat is not participating because they are not listed as a boycotter.

GOG has a huge release with Skyrim. Of course, it is pure coincidence that two representatives of the Zoom Platform are active in a thread to boycott GOG shortly after that release.

GOG should consider to sue both and probably some other people here to get indemnity.
What do you mean me again? I've been here the whole time. And I've explained to you before that i am boycotting, but that I don't feel the need to be on a list because of it. But you are not interested. And so what? I'ts none of your business. The list shows nothing, you have purely made it to try to devalue the boycott and the boycotters.

I've never even mentioned Zoom, or any other platform, for that matter. The people who resurrected this thread because of Skyrims release are anti-boycotters. Your statement is ludicrous.

Yes, please, go ahead, Sue me for answering your untrue and defamatory insinuations.