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Ramor_: Name of the topic: Boycotting GOG 2021-22
Platform: GOG
Content: Boycotting GOG
Except they are not boycotting GoG as they're still buying games from GoG while stating they are boycotting.
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Ramor_: Ok, I bought last year a few games for few cents here (old as F in a sale) to just complete my catalogue but I am literally waiting for a disc huge enough to save my stuff and to delete my "service" even here. I know people not buying a sh*t here at all anymore and I brought people here myself. ************ I know other people that completely threw away smarphone or use linux on it instead as an offline pocket PC, me included.
Please refrain from posting defamatory information. Such posts are against our CoC: I'm giving you an official warning. Please also remember not to spread false information and conspiracy theories on the forums. If you have any questions regarding the moderation please contact me through direct message.
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Ah, refrain from posting something that could have an impact.

I know I am on the watchlist, because I asked you in the other topic if I will already get and answer from your support to get a contact for your legal department to care about the issue that you didn't delete my personal data you confirmed being deleted months ago and shared it with 3rd party company I didn't even have a clue about. The fact that it was reported to Europian Data Protection Supervisor (months after) didn't bother you. Nobody replied from the support. Ever.

The post was deleted and I was told I will get an answer to my legal document/support ticket you have a legal obligation to reply to in certain timeframe. I didn't get any answer until today. Not even the contact. Could I get some?

Btw: I have screenshots of all of my posts in the time of posting. Just to inform you. Because it seems that you are trying to mod and insert stuff they were not in my posts to have a reason to shut them down.

EDIT: You mean I can't share the fact that I reported something very serious to EDPS and shared it here AFTER you ignored the issue completely for months and refused to answer to my own legal documents or to even give me an option to communicate? I can't share the fact that you don't follow the law? The fact that I wouldn't be even able to close my account, because you don't answer to people?

:D Is this a joke? The data you didn't remove (profile picture) is literally attached by the bot in the reply from the bot to my e-mail address when I sent you an e-mail about you lying about it. From Zendesk I was never in the contact with before it "was" removed.
Can't get more ridiculous than this.

Also, I like how you "found" out this issue exactly in the spot where I said I bought a few games here and you shared it right under another person trolling about it OUT OF TOPIC the all time. Are you stating your own opinions here by that? But yeah. Because I am closing my account and leaving GOG and I missed like two games for 80 cents to have a collection of something already existing. Because I am not going to give you any other money. I didn't buy games in years here I wanted to but still have hundreds of stuff from before. But you are trying hard to spin it for the looks like people lie about boycotting while they are trying to remove their account completely. I am going to loose here all my paid products because you are an incompetent company and I am forced to leave because of false advertising and all above.

The damage control is working hard today. The classic version of how you do it failed so you went official.
Those "many gamers" here speaking in your defense and working hard to derail and attack with every post what are actually people talking about here are not suspicious at all... :D People are not stupid.
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From what I can tell GOG seems to be the most consumer friendly gaming company in the world. I would like to see GOG partner with GameStop. I think that would be a partnership that could really change the gaming world.
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Choomba696: But let's go against GoG, the most pro consumer storefront.
GamezRanker: You must be joking...atm i'd say that title is more deserved by zoom-platform**......or maybe even one of the bundle sites.

(**Who have staff regularly answering questions/concerns in their discord, and possibly other avenues as well....instead of giving the silent treatment or form letter cookie cutter style replies after various issues, like Gog does)
Well said, GR.
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Ramor_: .
Sarafan isn't an employee of GOG. Sarafan is a forum mod without any access to... well any thing.
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I have "receipts". He/she not. With all respect.

And still I am censored for stating the obvious by twisting what I said and cutting that out so people can't see it.
I have a screenshot of every post I made. It's annoying, but needed.
And it seems he/she is not here to actually moderate, but to state an opinion by finding some issues in.. interesting places.. and nicely cutting them out so it all would all align in a perfect way to spin the whole topic here a bit. I don't believe it was a coincidence. It was not a moderation but a comment. That is my opinion.
The post of mine is not even from today. It's 3 days old. This was re-fishing for stuff in that specific post between those specific lines to be able to highlight the part above it.

Well, in any way it seems gaming is done for me. I am waiting for a disc big enough to put rest of my stuff on and when GOG will be so nice to follow the laws and answer one day and make me sure my data will be really deleted, I will delete it here if I will be able... :D

People talk about some Zoom Platform, maybe I will try to look into that... probably not. :D
All I want is to play offline, have installers and privacy from companies trying to know what I click on and how I behave.

I guess I dared to secretly hope that GOG would care for a second and would address.. anything. It made me want to leave without any regret instead. At least that got solved. :D
Got it cleared out.

"Stellar support 24/7 and full refunds up to 30 days." :D
I am just annoyed about how many people I brough to this platform so we could play LAN and they copy-purchased some of my games (with all DLCs). Good is that I know that some of those people don't buy here anymore too.
I actually have not working games with missing files that are abandoned (but advertised and cashed on) and I never asked for a single refund. A single one.
To not be a d*ck and hoping some people would make it work. It just took many years to not have it done.

Good luck guys. People are waking up, so I hope the future is still an evolution. Bad for GOG tho... :D
I go dream about a land where companies are punished if they wouldn't follow the contracts, laws (with their own advertising) like I must.

The only reason why I shared it all so other people can see where we ended up as customers. Paying for our own demise. Twice. And being "moderated" on the way out.

PS: I love how those downvoting bots completely avoid moderators. :D How corporate of them... :D
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Ramor_: Bla bla...
Sound's like turmoil, Lol...
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Has the new and improved* catalog search had any effect on anyone's boycott? I do not recall off-hand if anyone had been boycotting due to the old style catalog.

*when I say "new and improved" this is actually not sarcasm, lol.
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All the time the mod was the only non-downvoted one from the whole forum (I have a screenshot), very recent and new messages after that included. I point it out and it suddenly changed. Not weird at all. :D
Really, this company is so far gone it's impossible.
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rjbuffchix: Has the new and improved* catalog search had any effect on anyone's boycott? I do not recall off-hand if anyone had been boycotting due to the old style catalog.

*when I say "new and improved" this is actually not sarcasm, lol.
I didn't check but I'm pretty skeptical anyone was boycotting over that alone.
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Possible reasons for boycotting and customer protest:

Broken search
Purple Dot
Rep system/downvote abuse
Google Captchas.

(Can't provide link, since that'd be censored too)
Biased moderation


Putting Galaxy first

Any I missed?
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richlind33: Well said, GR.


Ramor_: People talk about some Zoom Platform, maybe I will try to look into that... probably not. :D
All I want is to play offline, have installers and privacy from companies trying to know what I click on and how I behave.
Zoom Platform

They have offline installers just like Gog, no "optional client", and (iirc) less cookies/data collection. They have a smaller catalog, though, and no forums......but otherwise they're a decent enough store/site.


rjbuffchix: Has the new and improved* catalog search had any effect on anyone's boycott?
Dunno, but it has made it easier to browse the catalog for me(I sometimes search through it for curiosity's sake/etc).
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Vendor-Lazarus: Any I missed?
- The Chatbot
- Support requests going unanswered for weeks on end
- Crucial features missing from the review system, such as being able to edit or delete your own reviews.
- A general hesitancy to engage with the community (though, to be fair, some efforts seem to have been made in the last couple of days) and if there is communication with the staff it's often in the form of damage control that often comes off as disingenuous at best (some egregious examples, off the top of my hat: "Many messages from gamers", "The gog build of Quake Enhanced Edition is currently being finalised" and "Gogmixes will come back")

While none of the above may be a boycott reason in an of themselves (with the exception of the decline in support, which is indeed worrisome), they certainly have contributed to my overall dissatisfaction.
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GamezRanker: Thank you for the info.