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I'm in! Thank you. :)

I'm actually just about finishing up BoUT 1. I really enjoyed the game because it's so funny. I loved all the little pop culture references, and I especially enjoyed the real-life tax collector RPG thing they put in one of the towns.

Before this I played the Cat Lady, which was very impressive. The artstyle was absolutely beautiful and the story definitely played on my emotions.
Wow, great giveaway! Not in as my giveaway karma is in unbalance at the moment. :)

I'm playing Edna & Harvey: The Breakout right now. It's quite a bit of fun so far... The art and voice acting is great, and I love the fact that Harvey has something to say about everything.

I was working my way through Cognition, but it kind of got stalled... I'd like to pick it back up soon.
FearfulSymmetry: Before this I played the Cat Lady, which was very impressive. The artstyle was absolutely beautiful and the story definitely played on my emotions.
yeah! the cat lady was a really cool storytelling experience. Unusual game perspective for an adventure game, and it works quite well.
Loved the 1st Book of Unwritten Tales. It, kind of, get me back to adventurer so I will try my luck and say "Im in" as I heard it is as good as 1st one. Thank You for giveaway.

Last adventurer that I played would be Quest for Infamy, liked it very much but I just love this type of adventure games. Thought I think that free Heroine's Quest was a little better.
last bump!!!
48ish hours left to enter.....
In for DeMignon.
I'm in. Thank you for this very generous giveaway zavlin!

Last adventure I played? Actually I replayed the Book of Unwritten Tales last. Love this game. It plays in a fun world, has some very likeable characters ( my favorite is Wilbur Weathervane) and most of all great humor.
I'm in!
Many thanks for your generosity. I'm looking forward to play another adventure game. It's been so long since I have played one. What was the last adventure game I played? Beneath a Steel Sky, maybe? Broken Sword 2 was the last one I finished. Maybe it was the demo for Gabriel Knight 3 if you would consider it.
Most of all I look for interesting stories and environments. And puzzles that make sense.
Iv decided to give entries one more hour, and then will be drawing. good luck!
Thanks a lot for this great giveaway zavlin! I'm in!

Regarding my last adventure game, it was Blackwell Convergence. It was a very fun game, with an interesting story, very cool pixel art, catchy tunes and played on a real world setting which I always find interesting (some of my greatest memories of playing adventure games were with games with real life locations, like New Orleans, Munich and Rene-Le-Chateau). But the creme-de-la-creme was the main characters interaction, that was top notch!

The constant battering between Joey and Rosa, coupled with great voice-action, made me just want to keep making the characters talk with each other, and finding other themes to talk about.
I'm in! thanks for the giveaway!

I am currently playing Rex Nebular and the Gender Benders. An old game (1992) but very fun and immersive. The graphics are pixelated art done very well, the music is all original scored to each scene in the game. It's high camp and the text is pretty funny at times as you click and explore. Antics include gender switching tech, hamster biotics, monkey thieves, dirty laundry, many entertaining deaths in wonderful full gore animations, and a sauve debonair clutz for the male lead. good times

So far its been along the lines of quality of Tex Murphy games and I am very glad to have gotten it.
I'm in! The last adventure game I played was actually Critter Chronicles, which immediately followed BoUT1. I'd love to get the sequel, but the price is beyond my budget, so I'm expecting to have to wait a few years for a big sale.

I don't tend to play too many adventure games, but I really enjoyed BoUT. The humour was excellent, and the fact that you could highlight the clickable areas meant that the puzzles were about working out what should go where, rather than pixel hunting. There were very few moments where I was left wondering how I was meant to work out some puzzle without guessing: I could nearly always see, at least in hindsight, that doing what I'd just done made sense.

One of my favourite moments was in BoUT, (spoiler) in the cave/monster, when Wilbur had his "off-screen" adventure. In fact, I particularly enjoyed Wilbur's character as a whole, for some reason.
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zavlin: Greetings! I'd like to hold a giveaway for this exceptionally good adventure game. IMO it surpasses the first in every way, and the first was a good game!
Say youre in if youre in, and a random drawing will occur 1 week from today. You can enter for others if you wish, but please no trading, only enter if you intend to play the game.

For bonus points: talk about the last adventure game you played and what was fun about it :)

EDIT: entry is now closed. Congratulations to FearfulSymmetry for winning :)
Thank you so much for your generosity! I'm really looking forward to getting started on the game this week! :D
Congratulations to FearfulSymmetry and thank you again for the great giveaway zavlin!