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I use Express VPN, which is not free but you can get a 30 day trial if you look around. While it is a little bit more expensive than over VPN services, I find that it works brilliantly for streaming video which has been geo blocked. I also get a decent enough download speed from various sites that I won't mention names of, when it is connected to a smart location within the UK. While my Fire stick doesn't fully support the apk of the VPN software, there is a work around in which I have created an Amazon account and then connected to the internet with the stick via a virtual router.

While I was really late in the game joining up to a paid VPN, it is something that I am really glad about doing & wished that I had done it ages ago.
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Did you check out the Detailed VPN Comparison Chart at
I would recommend using VPN for your this purpose. As i used to face same problem last year. But then I opted for different VPNs.

You can go for following VPNs according to your requirements.

1) PureVPN
2) ExpressVPN
3) Strong VPN
4) Cyberghost VPN

You can find many vpn providers websites like bestvpn .co that offers vpns accessible in china with great deals.
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richiemunro: A big hello to you all out there!

I've been doing a lot of reading through with VPN's etc and thought i'd ask the GOG community of their thoughts.

I'm after one (don't mind payin money either) that has it all, the one that doesn't keep your info & allows you to be anonymous online. I use Tor to browse the internet and hoping to combine the two to be more protected.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Cant wait for Fallout 4!!

Being a VPN user, my choice has always been Ivacy VPN. Due to it's highly encrypted connectivity, Multiple Servers in Different Countries, Data security, Ipv6 protection and the streaming options it has to offer to it's users. I personally think it is the best KODI VPN to watch TV shows and your favorite movies on KODI platform.
Socratatus: Thankyou all for this. Been considering a vpn myself lately. Don`t trust what I see touted as `best` on the general net, but I get the feeling I`ll get a truer and more brutal representation from the horse`s mouth here!
More or less all VPN's are same, But I do not know why they are too much costly, I have recently purchased fastestVPN very low in price, it is working very well, speed is awesome, no disconnection issues
Is this some secret spammer meeting place?
InkPanther: Is this some secret spammer meeting place?
Most likely. Where else do you get so many new accounts promoting various VPNs? Add my vote to locking this thread
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