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Go where no man has gone before and join our Star Trek Contest and get a chance to win 1 of 15 sets of newly released Star Trek games! Don't worry, you don't need to wear a red shirt.

Imagine you're the new Starfleet Captain, name your ship and figure out what would your famous catchphrase be and tell us in the comments on the forum!

Hurry before this ship activates its warp drive and jumps on September 17th, 3 PM UTC.
viranimus: Uhhhhmmmm....

Currently the strongest ship in the fleet in canon.
Lol, ok, I don't watch that trashy show Picard, tbh Star Trek is pretty much dead imo, so I had missed that. Thanks for the info though, I'll have to think whether I edit my comment or just let it stand like it is.
Ship: Moravia
Catchphrase: In vino veritas.
USS Friendster
It was enchanting to meet you!
Shipname: USS Redemption
Catchphrase: Forgive but never forget.
morolf: Lol, ok, I don't watch that trashy show Picard, .
You think Picard is trashy? Here, have a "Star Trek" show where the dialogue actually is "we are so dead" and "fire the pew pew pew button".
USS Malestrom

Designed to withstand harsh and unstable environtments, equally suited for defensive purposes

"Into the storm"
USS Miles O'Brien

"Holding It All Together"
The Butcher

" Fresh Heaaaat .... "
Ship: USS Horizons NCC 9703, Sovereign class
Captain: Rebecca Gailsong
-To the replicator: Tea please, black, slightly sweetened, thank you.
-To the crew: If it were easy, I would have asked someone else to do it, you've got the skills, now you just need to make it happen.
I know you disagree, but imo everything after TNG (and maybe DS9, didn't watch much of that) has been decline and progressively worse. Still, it's sad that the franchise is now reduced to such a mockery and transparent cash grab.
USS Instant Regret

Nothing to see here. We'll just be on our way.
I.K.S. naDev ghobvam

nuqDaq bIH muv law'DI'
NCC-D12 Thermopylae
"Impossible? They should invent a new word for what is impossible for us once we encounter such task."
"Impossible? Leading you, crew, is way more impossible than this!"
A crew of individual misfit geniuses who didn't fit into "normal" crews led by sincere and witty captain, sent where other crews failed or are expected to fail.
USS Extra Mile

"Tell Starfleet we're adding another year to our 'five-year mission'."
USS Diarrhea

"Wipe Long and Softly"