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Go where no man has gone before and join our Star Trek Contest and get a chance to win 1 of 15 sets of newly released Star Trek games! Don't worry, you don't need to wear a red shirt.

Imagine you're the new Starfleet Captain, name your ship and figure out what would your famous catchphrase be and tell us in the comments on the forum!

Hurry before this ship activates its warp drive and jumps on September 17th, 3 PM UTC.
USS Foxtrot

My phrase... "Make it happen!"
USS Strauss-Kahn

"A black hole is just a cosmic glory hole ! "
USS Warspite, Galaxy-class refit

"It's time to give them the hard knocks"
Ship: Primal Seduction

Catchphrase: "Let the phasers whip them!"
USS Sunbreaker
"Let's Light it up!"
The Sea-Starship: The Walleye's Vision

Catchphrase: "Weapons Officer Wash-out, make sure you target the enemy this time!"
USS Nerf Herder
"Let's bullseye some womp rats!"
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Ship: The Pacifier
Catchphrase: There is no victory in war, you can only hope to outlast your opponent.
Ship: USS Grabthar's Hammer (NCC-2077)
Catchphrase: "Do your job."
"Nothing to see here, move along"
The USS Charity
Today we feed the world
The USS Cooper,

"That is a damn fine cup of coffee,"
USS Delegate
"Bridge is yours, Number One."
USS Blackheart
"Let's take this one behind the barn!"
The USS Columbus

"Great heavens, look... a jaguar!"