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Go where no man has gone before and join our Star Trek Contest and get a chance to win 1 of 15 sets of newly released Star Trek games! Don't worry, you don't need to wear a red shirt.

Imagine you're the new Starfleet Captain, name your ship and figure out what would your famous catchphrase be and tell us in the comments on the forum!

Hurry before this ship activates its warp drive and jumps on September 17th, 3 PM UTC.
USS Musk

Cling on to your six.
U.S.S. Maluch
"It's bigger on the inside... no, really, not kidding, look, a piano!"
Name of Ship: USS Berserker
Catchphrase: It's a Good Day for you to die!
USS Snafu

Ship Name: USS Parallax
Catchphrase: "A change in perspective can change the galaxy."
USS Death Star

"Wait, is this a cross over episode??"
Starship name: USS Darkstar

Captain: Will J. Stewart

Catchphrase: Do a barrel roll
Ship Name: USS Janeway

Catch Phrase: Do it!
Ship Name: ISS Bathtub

Catchphrase: Plug that leak!
Ship Name: USS Underwhelming

Catchphrase: "Is third contact even a thing?"
Ship name: USS Fenrir
Slogan: “Here goes nothing!”
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USS Nautilis

"Space is like the sea, just thinner"
Ship Name: USS Duke
Catchphrase: "Come get some!"
USS Stephan Hawkins

"Fasten the seatbelts!"
USS Kirk

"There isn't a hole I can't fill."