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Go where no man has gone before and join our Star Trek Contest and get a chance to win 1 of 15 sets of newly released Star Trek games! Don't worry, you don't need to wear a red shirt.

Imagine you're the new Starfleet Captain, name your ship and figure out what would your famous catchphrase be and tell us in the comments on the forum!

Hurry before this ship activates its warp drive and jumps on September 17th, 3 PM UTC.
(not a serious entry)
USS Aperture (experimental transwarp portal ship)

"Space exploration isn't about 'why', it's about 'why not?'"
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U.S.S. Loveboat.

"Set phasers to stunning. Oh my."
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Ship: Glitter-Rainbow Diversity & Inclusion
Catchphrase: Who needs reality?
Starship: USS Marathon, Prometheus Class, NX-2552

Catchphrase: "Noli ire Mitis..."

English Translation: "Do Not Go Gentle..."

Based on:
"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, Rage, Rage, Against The Dying Of The Light"

-Dylan Thomas, from the poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", 1951
The new captain, Claudius, has named the Starfleet 'Blitzkrieg', a loanword from German that means 'lightning war'. The ship's crew takes and gives no prisoners; instead, their idea of diplomacy is to invade an enemy ship and tie its occupants to the hull, as a warning to others. These mercenaries expect and welcome their enemies to do the same, if their adversaries are victorious.

Ship's name: Blitzkrieg
Catchphrase: Come back with your ship or on it.
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Ship name: USS Adventurer
Catchphrase: Let the next world be even more interesting than this one. Engage!
NCC-1402-0001 "USS Raffles"

Class: Flora

Type: Science ship

Quote: "Knowledge, beyond space!"
Ship: USS Rave

Catchphrase: Set phasers to rave.
Ship: USS Neutron Flux

Catchphrase: " The Wonders Never End"
Ship: USS Coldyron
Catchphrase: What's the matter, using my brain to think with?
USS Allen
Catchphrase: "I am I"
Ship name: USS New Horizons

Catchphrase: 'Where in the hell are we?!'
I'm captain of the USS Merchandise and my catchphrase is "Let's play, mates!"
USS Theseus

“We’ve never backed down before, and we’re not going to start now.” – Ruby Rose
Ship name: USS Sentosa
Catchphrase: Let Yourself Woah

To me, USS is an acronym of Universal Studio Singapore.
I miss going to theme parks and not having to be concerned for my safety.