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SpellSword: Sorry I'm not completely sure of what you are asking, could you please clarify your desired change.

Do you mean you want two forum "Rep" displays to be visible under the forum user's name, one positive one negative?

Instead of the current display that I'm assuming is the combination of all negative and positive "Rep" other users have assigned you?

If you are asking if forum "Rep" can become a negative number, I believe it can.

Just in case you are worried about it, I should mention that the forum reputation value itself does not provide advantages or disadvantages for users with high or low numbers.
Well, people with low rep (below 10?) can't post links without tricks..
mastro_akq: Include the other part of the social status posting status and have negative values for posting reputation? Or is just staying at a really low number the same thing? Just without the emphasis or same impact.
Well, I think you'll find out about negative rep sooner than later. Sadly, you don't seem like a voracious troll. Maybe you're just that good. Maybe you're really just trying to help fix GOG? You still haven't had an epiphany on your last great idea though.
Post edited May 30, 2019 by paladin181