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Anodyne gog version contains italian lenguage?
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According to the game page, it doesn't.
anodyne.jpg (415 Kb)
lol read title too fast
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It supports Italian.
anodyne.jpg (354 Kb)
A while back it looks like a bunch of separate languages for the game got compiled into the same installer, so when you say which language when you first start the setup it will install that verison... or in other cases all of them. (Unepic for example)

Is that just translation? Is that voice acting? Is that video differences? Not sure.

So you might download a 30Gb installer that only installs to 12Gb where a huge amount of the installer is different languages and differences between those versions.
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blackcatXIII: It supports Italian.
Thanks, in the store page isn't reported. So I wasn't sure.
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