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The DRM-Free Revolution Continues with Big Pre-Orders and Launch Day Releases!

Good news! is going to bring you more fantastic launch day releases, preorders, and other exciting new content from some of our favorite developers. We've lined up 3 big titles that we will be bringing to in the next couple of months for sale or preorder that we think will be hits with all of our gamers; and we have more equally exciting games coming up soon.

If you've been a member of the site for a long time, you may recall that when we launched sales of The Witcher 2 on, we had to add in regional pricing. The game cost different amounts in in the US, the UK, the European Union, and Australia. We're doing something like that once again in order to bring you new titles from fantastic bigger studios. Since we don't accept currencies other than USD on right now, we'll be charging the equivalent of the local price in USD for these titles. We wish that we could offer these games at flat prices everywhere in the world, but the decision on pricing is always in our partners' hands, and regional pricing is becoming the standard around the globe. We're doing this because we believe that there's no better way to accomplish our overall goals for DRM-Free gaming and We need more games, devs, and publishers on board to make DRM-Free gaming something that's standard for all of the gaming world!

That brings with it more good news, though! As mentioned, we have three games we're launching soon with regional pricing--two RPGs and a strategy game--and while we can't tell you what they are yet because breaking an NDA has more severe penalties than just getting a noogie, we're confident that you'll be as excited about these games as we are. For a limited time, we will be offering anyone who pre-orders or buys one of them a free game from a selection as a gift from, just like we did for The Witcher 2.

If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments below and we'll be happy to answer (to the best of our ability).

EDIT: Since we've answered a lot of the common questions already here (and lest you think that we've ignored you), it may be handy for you to check out the forum thread about this and search for staff answers by clicking this link here. (hat tip to user Eli who reminded us that the feature even exists. :)
mko: Do you mind if I post a gif?

I live in Turkey and I'm tired of newer Digital Distribution sites try to sell me games in Euros as if I'm in EU.
The moment I see games priced with "European" prices either in Euros or USD equivalent. I'm out.
That's an awesome gif. Seinfeld FTW !
I remember being attacked for saying that for me personally GOG had become just another digital retailer and now this.. I kind of feel vindicated.
I completely understand it, they're a business after all, but I miss the cute little Good Old Games.
P1na: As you abandon your core principles, your core customers will abandon you in turn...
justanoldgamer: To go where exactly? Steam?
If principles are being abandoned, there's plenty of places to go.
P1na: As you abandon your core principles, your core customers will abandon you in turn...
justanoldgamer: To go where exactly? Steam?
Yeah, where? Humble Store already fucked up their prices. And now that GOG folded as well, how long do you think it'll take for smaller stores get in line?
hedwards: Except that you're ignoring the fact that GOG has been slipping for some time now and there's no sign that they're going to stop. Apart from the DRM-free core value, they've given up pretty much all the other ones.
Vestin: Let me give you an example, OK? Not GOG-related, but principle-related.
Imagine two couples where, in a moment of disagreement, people decide to stop talking to each other. In the first couple (after, say, a month) a few words suddenly get exchanged, people decide "Well, fuck - so much for not talking to each other" and they live happily ever after. In the second couple, after a similar time, a few words get exchanged... and that's it. They still avoid talking to each other, and even if a word or two slip - nothing much follows.

Principles are not an all-or-nothing sort of deal. That's the easiest sort to shatter. That's how we get the "Paragon always rebels" trope - if you bring things to their very extreme, they usually become absurd and unwieldy. If you think in absolutes, you discard your beliefs after a single failing - "I can't claim to HAVE ALWAYS, so it doesn't matter". That's AS SILLY AS IT SOUNDS.

I'm not exactly happy with regional pricing, but if that's what it takes to have some day-one DRM-free non-indie releases, then it may be worth the trade... MAY.
Let's be a bit more cynical here, shall we? Let's see if this benefits us more than it annoys us.
That's absolutely ridiculous. The reason why I used to respect GOG was that they took a principled stance on things. They've done a shitty job in recent times of actually meeting the standards they used to be so proud of.

Also, your example isn't even remotely analogous to the situation here. For years, they used region-free pricing as a corner stone of their values.
I'm holding off judgement until I get to see how the regional pricing actually works. Who knows; maybe they'll mix it up by basing game price on region's average income or the amount of tax they're expected to pay instead of just increasing the price 30% for all countries ever associated with europe. *shrugs*
We like gog for a reason, so we shouldn't give up on them right away even though they look like a spineless sellout at the moment. Remember: if things are exactly how they first appear, gog would've shut down four years ago.
nansounet: So? more free-DRM game coming on GoG , sound good to me......

That not because on steam and other 1$=1€, that will be the case on GoG...god damn it ITS GoG!!! have faith!!!

In fact :

Steam= rent a new game for 45€ (yeah its not yours...), or whait for a 90% dicount to rent the same game....


GoG= buy the game on gog for 45€ (yeah its yours...) + no DRM + have a free 5.99$ game or whait for a 90% discount to buy it and still have no DRM...

In fact its a good news for people whos dont like steam... ands its internet people always cry for everything... :D
Ummm.... no. Just no. It's believing that the company you support will stand up against the tyrannical practices of big publishers and distributors like they PROMISED they would! This is terrible news, and it ruined my weekend completely. I may never buy another game from here, and that would be a huge loss. I certainly won't buy whatever garbage games have regional pricing.
P1na: As you abandon your core principles, your core customers will abandon you in turn...
justanoldgamer: To go where exactly? Steam?
Humble Store
FireFlower Games

Just a few examples... ;-)
high rated
justanoldgamer: To go where exactly? Steam?
Geez, I don't know. Gamers Gate sells games DRM free (some of them). Humble Bundle sells games DRM-free (some of them). Desura does. probably all the bundle-turned-into-store sites do. Green man gaming, maybe?

If I care only about DRM-free, there are a lot of choices to choose from. I choose GOG because it's not just DRM-free, it also supports a different business ideal. And I don't think I'm the only one.
GabiMoro: snip
triock: 8. What about VAT / sales tax?
All the prices shown on our page are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and sales tax. So it's always the exact order total visible at checkout - no additional costs!
HypersomniacLive: Honest question - wouldn't that also apply to US users regarding Sales Taxes?
stoicsentry: I'm not sure, honestly. I can't remember ever paying taxes (or being told that a company was paying taxes for me) on digital goods. The U.S. doesn't have a VAT or a federal sales tax so that's different. There are some smaller state and local sales taxes but apparently they aren't applicable.
Somewhat related thing to mention:
Back in before & early 2009, Steam was showing the non-VAT inclusive prices in their store. So what happened to us customers who had gotten used "complete prices" (I.E. with VAT) was that everytime we we were about check-out, we were slammed with VAT just about we were about the make the payment.
What I have understood is that quite soon (around half-way 2009) Steam-store started (finally) selling items in complete-prices after enough of complains.

For those who don't know, unlike in USA where "people are entrepreneurs", most the tax-handling for "normal" normal citizens is "automated" for the msot part (at least this is the case in Finland). For example, we pay the income tax with a "tax deduction card" which taxes our wages before the paycheck, so employees don't have to worry about not paying income tax afterwards (unless of course one had tried to swindle by not telling the true amount of wage being earned). Most of the other various insurance / health care-plan and pension related payments are done by the employers too.

Entrepreneurs in Finland of course work in similiar fashion as else where, paying for pension fees and everything else. And yes, they're technically allowed to purchase items & services "tax free"; all they need to do is to apply for tax reductions and such when they're filling their tax return-forms.

Couple of reference links:

Just few grains of info for those who's like to understand (at least a part of) the situation better.

Some say VAT is just an unneeded hassle.
I personally can only say "well, it's there"...

Granted, I personally though numerous things were already automatically sold to me VAT-uncluded, especially when it comes to game bundles; guess this wasn't the case after all since I I've started to see VAT-being once again slapped just before the payments.
But, just a for a reference, it didn't change the price too much in the end (e.g. 6$ x 1.24 = 7,44).
I am known to be a penny pincher. But only to an extend...
Post edited February 21, 2014 by PaveMentman
EEhhh.. okay?

If this means a lot of new releases and only applies to new games, I guess it's not the end of the world. But not a nice thing to see anyway.

If prices get bumped up well.. then I just buy less.
mko: Do you mind if I post a gif?
That's pretty much me. I will NEVER buy a game from here that I know has regional pricing (and this brings me a step closer to not wanting to buy here at all), as people have said equal and fair prices were one of Good Old Games' core priciples.
WOW!!! what great news!
And just below, some more wishes i have!

The next grand steps for

- to create a new account, gog wants now more private and accurate informations from you.

- Credit card informations will be saved now, so you cant, just use a proxie to get US prices.

- Regional versions of games (censored ones).

- Not longer keep older games, up to date anymore (for newer OS-ses and systems).

- Introduce DRM.

- becomes just another Steam-key reseller.

What a nice future we get there...
TheEnigmaticT: ...
Elenarie: Lets see... from memory... GOG's ideals and philosophies and crap.

1. Fair, equal and reasonable prices for everyone. - Uhm, yea, sorry but you're late to the party, we tend to change our ideals.
2. Big discounts are a bad thing. - EVERIVAN, HIR AR AP TU 90% DISKAUNTS, but don't worry, we still stand by our ideals that big discounts are a bad thing.
3. Being cool and humble. - PC MASTER RACE DUR-DUR-DUR!

I love it how you say that you had to pick between EITHER "DRM-Free" or regional pricing. This is a brilliant gem, because we all know that DRM is tied to having non-regional pricing, right, right?
I never noticed that last part. Interesting and quite true.
TheEnigmaticT: You'll see the price that you're paying on the game page with the USD equivalent under it. It should be pretty evident.
HypersomniacLive: I'm confused - since you only accept USD dollars, can you give us an example to clarify what exactly you mean?
Sure, game is 35 euro. Since we aren't set up to process euro, we charge ~$45 in USD (the USD equivalent) for it and explain why.