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Well so no Good Buy(e) sale.
Never bought one game from Telltale Games, but its a shame that they have to be pulled out for the rest of them.
Korotan: So if I buy before 12:00 in Austria I will still be able to get them?
I'd recommend just buying right now or ASAP if you can.
rob.liefeld: All these games are trying to connect to a server at startup. Do I have to crack my legal copies?
I don't know about the older games but at least Walking Dead and on wards only connect to a server so at the end of each chapter they show the decisions you made and the percentage of other players around the world. The games should still boot no problem, you might just get a message that you're "offline" or that you couldn't connect.
And the curtains have fallen for Telltale Games. Time will tell if any game (aside the Walking Dead series) ever makes a comeback.
I hope THQ Nordic will buy their assets and re-release the originals with huge discount, along with Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures.
I knew this day was coming... damn and now I missed it. :-/ Only missed one game now.
Had there been a decent sale I would've picked up a couple I was missing. Too bad tell tales pricing model always overpriced their games so they'd be about what they were actually worth when on sale. I enjoyed their games but I would never spend more than $10 on one.
On the plus side, my wishlist is much shorter now! :D
Delisting seems to have only affected GOG, odd. I guess everything that isn't a license is still good on other platforms.
The Batman games are still on steam.
Sigh. I have just noticed they were alee delisted, when Yong Yea released his new video... Walking Dead is getting “remaster”. I was happy at first, but yeah, Epic Exclusive now...

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MMLN: Walking Dead is getting “remaster”. I was happy at first, but yeah, Epic Exclusive now...
The exclusivity doesn't bother me but the fact that they have a remaster ready to roll out after making things seem like it was a Herculean chore to salvage the end of the Walking Dead series makes it hard not to get just a tiny bit pissed off over because it seems clear that this was in the planning potentially long before TellTale ever had dirt thrown on its grave.
all the walking deads were getting shilled on xbox, also all except the final season are on gamepass.
Guter: The Batman games are still on steam.
Not for sale. If you already bought them, there are still in your library, but you can't buy them anymore.