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01kipper: If anyone is curious, I pulled the trigger on the PS4. I decided I really didn't want to mess around with all the hassles and headaches of a second computer with an unfamiliar OS (Windows), and I went for the plug-and-play simplicity. The PS4 will also be much better for family co-op (although such games are increasingly rare these days, thankfully the main game my son wants does have it, at least for some game modes). Plus my wife said if we had a TV she'd use it to watch movies, which was no small factor in the decision making :D.
Good choice. :) I guess that makes everyone happy.

Personally I would have gotten a TV and a laptop.
Over the last decade I've had a couple 15.6'' gaming laptops and I didn't have a single issue with them other than the hardware becoming dated. You have so much more freedom and it's much cheaper to get games.

Actually it's been about 4 years since I got this one so I'm currently looking for replacement.
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Fully depends on the games you want to play.

If mostly triple-a games then a PS4 would be much better, because a stable performance is guaranteed.

If mostly indie-games then a laptop would be a better choice because its more convenient.
Why one would need 4k resolution on a 17" screen? Besides 17" monitors vs 50" TVs is not a valid point because you don't play your PS4 and 50" plasma from 1 hand distance right? The only downside is if the laptop isn't branded as "gaming" plus the higher price that comes with that, the displays tend to be really bad quality, especially if you want it for business use also. The nowadays anti-glare displays (perfect for reading) have much less contrast and vibrant colors than even the cheapest dedicated TFT monitor from 10 years ago (19" 4:3).