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mqstout: But a few things were hard-coded. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was something like "use turret I'm standing near or gun of the vehicle I'm in"
clarry: You can use a turret, but once you do, you can't get *out* of a turret if another key is bound to the hard-coded turret-use key. (Unless you have taken damage and the option to heal yourself comes up -- healing takes you out of the gun).

I wish I could see what the process is that causes a thing like that to happen in the first place.

If I'm writing a game, keybindings are always going through a translation map. It wouldn't even occur to me to somehow make a hardcoded binding for some specific thing in the game, and it would require me to go out of my way to work around the *normal* way input is handled. So what do they do wrong? First implement hard-coded console controls, then hope that the sorry-ass company that gets hired to make the PC port doesn't miss it? I can't think of much else.
Or, alternatively, assign two functions to the same button and don't provide any way to separate them.

(With that said, some mario troll levels take advantage of this; you try to duck in order to avoid something, only to find yourself going into a hidden pipe that you did not want to go into.)