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Happy GOGiversary.

I'm in for:
1. Infected: The Twin Vaccine CE (Steam)
2. Loot Hero (Desura).

For a positive spin on a bad situation, I try and see if there is any humour in the situation, because if I can laugh a bit, it helps me feel better.
E.g. When the house was broken into years ago, my brother had been out drinking heavily the night before, and had been sick into a pail. He'd put a book over it to stop the smell. The book had been taken off by the thieves, and I imagined their reaction when instead of finding something to steal, they were confronted by the sight of vomit. ;)
leon30: I saw about your nickname, but what about your avatar? Is Feena from either of those Chain Chronicle: Short Animation or Brighter Than the Dawning Blue?

Unfortunately I still haven't found my way of making a positive spin on a negative situation, so I hope I can find some ways here. Currently I'm in a strange situation when I have to deal with kind people that say they're trying to help me in my work (and maybe they really think they are, or maybe they just want to share the credit and shine in the bigger collective - like: "hey look I don't have to, but I helped a lot to this guy"[also a very viable option here and now]), but when I try to see the bigger picture I see that I have already enough work done to cover not only the minimum but to make a good final results, and what they do seems like dragging me with the promise of "fantastic results - the top of the top" (never spoken in that way, just: "you do this one more thing and it will be better"), without any reward what-so-ever for the top-of-the-top results, and with the big possibility of failure due to missing the deadline because of the never ending "one more thing". And I don't know what to do :(
I'd make the project complete as it is, and then see if I had time to do another of their "one more things". If you do, start it, but if the deadline comes round and you haven't finished the thing, at least you'll be able to hand up a complete project.
If you finish the thing, incorporate it into the finished project, and then repeat until you get sick of the "one more things" or the deadline is reached.
Alternatively, finish writing it up, don't add any more "One more things" and hand it in before the deadline so that it can't be added to anymore.
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Happy GOGversary, Genkicolleen!! ^^
And thanks for the great giveaway! I would like to be in for Star Wars: Tie Fighter (GOG), please.

(+REP for you and all the generous donors)
Happy GOGiversary, genkicolleen! What a great giveaway! Thanks for your presence in this forum as it makes it a nicer place. :-) Not in.
Congrats, Genki, not in :)
Crewdroog: ...
Sugar, rainbows, and exploding heads? So you are going with the killing them kindly approach? :-)

But that takes way too long. There are so many quicker ways that give you just as much enjoyment in a fraction of the time.

*passed Crew a nice big axe* :-)
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Happy -versary, GenkiColleen!

It's good having you around. You make the forum a better place

Congrats on your anniversary OptimisticGirl...

I'm not in this time, but here's the meaning of my name to help keep you all warm and fuzzy..?

Cyber - of, relating to, or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.

Evil - profoundly immoral and malevolent.

Also "Evil" was my old nickname... dunno how I earned that though, I'm such an incredibly personable fellow. *choke*

And just as an aside... I made this "handle" up after seeing the reasonably bad movie Lawnmower Man. At one point Jobe says "I'm CyberChrist" which of course brought me to my name. (which some ass in New York keeps stealing)
,,,, How did you wind up with that many extra games?

I'm info for Fate of Atlantis and Tie Fighter on Gog.

As to how I handle a bad situation: I look at it like this: Did I at least LEARN something from the experience, and what can I do in the future to prevent it from happening again?
Momo1991: Seriously, I hope all is well by you and that you're continuing to turn the lemons life hands you into say lemon custard pie or lemon bars or even lemon creme brule!
genkicolleen: You bet I am~! ^__^
Somehow I knew that to be true! Keep on keeping your chin up and your smile bright :-)
I'm not sure if I'll be in for this, but +1 for the awesome giveaway!

It's almost my gogiversary as well. I find it funny that the Pot-o-Gold promo is what brought you into the forums, and it's also what finally made me join the site on March 17. Here's hoping for many more fun years on gog! :)

high rated
Happy GOGiversary!

I hope it's not too late to send donations. Check your PM :)

EDIT: And I'd like to be in for Sang-Froid: Tales of Warewolves (GOG). Give it a low priority though (i.e. only if no one else really wants it) since I won a GA myself recently. Thanks.
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shadowknight2814: ,,,, How did you wind up with that many extra games?
I kept snatching up bundles with the sole purpose of trading and gifting! :D

We have another addition to the group, with a donation of Jagged Alliance (GOG) by ZFR! (Please up-rate that post above this one. *points* )

Y'all have two days to finalize your lists before the end of the first round~! ^__^
Happy GOGversary, genkicolleen! I wish you many more "genky" years around here.

I find that, on the stress of the moment, bad situations don't provide an obvious positive spin. Also, I never think "I'm glad I lost my umbrella, because now I don't have to worry about losing it anymore". Also, I won't go the route of "my relative just passed away; but it was such a chore to buy him Christmas gifts". Tiny good things in a very bad situation are meaningless to me.

Only after some time as gone by, and I can re-evaluate things can I find something good that came out of it. Maybe I'm better off now than I was on that louse job/relationship. Yes, that guy was a lot of trouble to put up with, but now that I know him, I think he is a nice person after all."

In short, a long-term evaluation may not provide the same result as a short-term evaluation. Things may look better when I look at them from further away. And that is my take-home message. It is kind of a "we'll be laughing about this one day" idea.

Now, about your quite generous giveaway (already thanked the many and fine donors), I don't really know what the "Humble (gift) link" is (I'm guessing it's a Humble Bundle thing), so I'll stick with what I know:

Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis (GOG)
Penumbra Collection, The (GOG)
Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves (GOG)
Samaritan Paradox, The (Desura)
Hearthlands (Desura)

Edit: Sorry, Desura is preferable IMHO.
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Gede: Hearthlands (Steam or Desura)
Do you prefer Steam or Desura?
Nice Giveaway, happy anniversary.
I would like to enter for :

1. Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis
2. STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Special Edition

+ 1 for all the good people.