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Happy GOGiversary!! Thanks for always being a positive presence here in the forms!

Good luck to everyone!

As for me I'm a natural glass half full type of person, drives my wife nuts ;-)
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Not in, but +1. Happy GOGiversary GenkiColleen!
Wow, what a great giveaway, genkicolleen! Happy 5th GOGiversary!

For the topic, I guess when it comes to putting a positive spin on a bad situation, I have found that computer games can always help! :P Plus, the community here on GOG is very helpful and informative! So many have helped me figure out which games have a windowed mode! :)

I'm in for:
1. Hearthlands (Desura)
2. Star Nomad (Desura)
3. Kazgar's Revenge (Desura)
4. Loot Hero (Desura)

Thank you for the giveaway! Good luck, everyone!
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Not in, but happy GOGversary!

That is an impressive list you have.

I’m in for:
1) Star nomad (steam , I dun use Desura)
2) Supreme Commander Gold Edition (humble link)

That’s it.

A new game has been donated:

The Samaritan Paradox (Desura) courtesy of _Slaugh_ (via Austrobogulator)

I need to get back to bed, but I'll add links to give them each a +1 tomorrow~ :)
Happy anniversary!

Some fun games on there but only thing I'd be in for would be

Giana Sisters: TD (Steam),
[Edit - or Bastion - Steam from EITerprise ]

but while it's on my wishlist I'd defer to anyone who was a long-timer here who wanted it. I'm not lacking for games I've installed but have yet to finish, and might succumb to Sokobond as well this week. But Giana Sisters will likely be my next platformer once I clumsily work my way through Rayman.

In terms of turning a bad situation around, if it's someone else's bad situation I go for listening/hugs. If it's my own I listen or play music usually - the latter not very well, but still enjoyable.

Anyway, it's a very nice giveaway and a nice way to celebrate! I'm not sure I own as many games as you're giving away ;)
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Happy GOGiversary!

Thanks for being an awesome presence on the forums! +1
genkicolleen: (snip)
Hi there!

Congratulations and good to know you are happy enough to celebrate your anniversaries hahaha. Some may think why to celebrate this, well, the answer relay in the community it self since generosity and camaraderie found here is hard to found in another place, so I kinda understand you!

About the suggest topic, I will say laugh. I think every one of us has pass for some tension moment in our lives, and keep thinking on it only will make worst the situation, as stress and feels can grown instead being calm down. So, yes, laugh, be happy! (Damn, I hope I didn't sound as a hippie hahahaha).

As for the GA, I would love to be in for the Penumbra Series! I love terror games! So here is my list in preference order:

1. Penumbra Collection, The (GOG) courtesy of RadonGOG
2. Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis (GOG)

And that's it, only those games, thanks for the chance. I will be more than happy just with the one prize you offer; the more people get games, the better!

EDIT: Since the GA have many many people who have entered, I reduce the amount of games I ask for, remaining only the ones I would seriously love to play! :)
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+1 Happy anniversary Genki! Thank you and the others who participated in this giveaway. I'm in for The Howler only please.
Happy GOGiversary, Genki!

I'd like to be in for:

1) AI War Collection (GOG)
2) STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Special Edition (GOG)
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Oh boy, another awesome GA. Feel really tempted 2 be in but dun 1 2 further extend my backlog so will hv 2 resist my urges, 4 now. Lol. :p

A BIG thks 2 Genki gal 4 making this GA & the other doners as well. =)

Oh, almost 4got 2 add: Happy GoGiversary!
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元気 (gen ki) first of all means 'healthy' (;
genkicolleen: snip
Awesome giveaway! Not in, but I like to wish you a happy GOGday in advance!
I'm in for:

Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis
STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Special Edition
AI War Collection
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten
Penumbra Collection, The

Thanks and Happy GOGiversar
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