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The Pot of Gold Promo for St. Patrick's Day is what brought me to this wonderful forum, and with St. Patty's right around the corner, my first GOGiversary (on the forum) is approaching! Coincidentally, I bought my first game on GOG on March 19, 2010, so it's ALSO my fifth GOGiversary! ^__^

So what to do to celebrate this dual event, but to host a Very Genki Giveaway~!

You may think I'm just referring to my nick, but "genki" (Japanese) actually means "happy, energetic, optimistic, outgoing," etc, so it's a very happy giveaway~! And as additional info you may or may not want, "colleen" (Irish) means "girl," so the meaning of my user name is "Optimistic Girl" ^__^

I suppose we should have some rules, so here they are:
(Read carefully! Post that don't meet these requirements will be invalid.)

1. No scammers or leechers. If you're either or both of these, don't bother entering -- your post will be ignored ;p

2. Enter for yourself only. I want everyone interested to have an equal chance at their wanted-games.

3. No trading or re-gifting for the same reason as above.

4. List up to five games in order of preference, and please include the platform (ie. GOG) to help me keep track of things.

There will be multiple winners. How many? Who can tell? XD

Optional topic of conversation: Tell me how you put a positive spin on a bad situation.

The giveaway will end on the 17th in honor of my first dip into the forums.

Please see the next post for the list of games on offer~

99 Levels to Hell (Steam)
AI War Collection (GOG) - won by l0rdtr3k
Another Perspective (Desura) - won by budejovice
AquaNox (Humble link)
AquaNox 2: Revelation (Humble link)
Awesomenauts (Steam HB gift) (#2 from Co-op bundle still available) - won by niniendowarrior
Battlepaths (Steam via Indie Royale)
Beyond Divinity (Steam HB gift)
Body Changer, The (Desura) - won by niniendowarrior
Cat Lady, The (Humble link)
Chester (Desura)
Daikatana (Steam) - won by LinustheBold
Dear Esther (Steam HB gift)
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (GOG) (expired ;_;)
Divine Divinity (Humble gift link) - won by piapancudo
Evopollution (Desura) - won by Tannath
Future Wars (Steam)
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Steam) - won by bler144
Gran Vitreous (Desura)
Gravity Badgers (Steam)
Grimind (Steam)
Hearthlands (Steam or Desura) - Desura won by budejovice, but locked to my account :(
Hero of the Kingdom (Steam via Indie Royale)
Hitman: Codename 47 (Steam)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Steam)
Howler, The (Steam) - Oathe
Hunter's Trophy 2 - America (Desura)
Huntsman: The Orphanage (Steam)
Huntsman: The Orphanage (Steam via Indie Royale)
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (Steam)
Inescapable (Steam)
Infected: The Twin Vaccine CE (Steam) - won by damien
Kingdom Elemental (Steam via Indie Royale)
Knight Shift (aka Polanie 2) (Steam)
Lilly Looking Through (Steam HB gift)
Litil Divil (Steam) (FREE, just ask!)
Loot Hero (Desura) - won by Getcomposted
Lume (Steam HB gift)
Major Mayhem (Steam via Indie Royale) - won by damien
Man in a Maze: Deathmatch (Desura)
Man in a Maze: Deathmatch (Steam)
Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare (Steam)
Paranormal State: Poison Spring (Steam via Indie Royale)
Pathogen Wars (Desura)
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (Steam)
Power-Up (Steam via Indie Royale)
Radium (Desura)
Return to Mysterious Island 2 (IndieGala EM#40 for Steam)
Rush for Glory (Desura) - won by hummer010
Samaritan Paradox, The (Steam via Indie Royale) - won by niniendowarrior
Sentinel (Indie Gala gift link)
Shad'O (Steam)
Shiny the Firefly (Steam)
Sinister City (Desura)
Strategic War in Europe (Steam HB gift) - won by damien
Summoner (Humble link)
Super Killer Hornet Resurrection (Steam) (FREE, just ask!) - Claimed by damian
Supreme Commander Gold Edition (Humble link) - won by l0rdtr3k
Thomas Was Alone (Steam HB gift)
Tobe's Vertical Adventure (Steam HB gift)
Tropico Trilogy (Steam) - won by the.kuribo
Two Worlds Epic Edition (Steam) - won by l0rdtr3k
White Noise Online (IndieGala EM#40 for Steam)

And we have games that were donated, as well~!

A Camp in the Woods (Desura) courtesy of PaterAlf
A Virus Named TOM (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise
Afterfall Insanity Extended (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise (redeemed by GOGger)
An Imp? A Fiend! (Desura) courtesy of PaterAlf
Barter Empire (choice of Desura or Steam) courtesy of PaterAlf
Bastion (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise - won by NerdQuest
Crystals of Time (Steam) courtesy of katy12250
Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey (Indie Gala, courtesy of LinustheBold)
Eets Munchies (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise
Ensign-1 (Indie Gala, courtesy of LinustheBold)
Fez (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise
Hassle Heart, I <3 Hearts (Desura) courtesy of PaterAlf
Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis (GOG) courtesy of budejovice - won by luksmk
Jagged Alliance courtesy of ZFR -won by ElTerprise
Kazgar's Revenge (Desura) courtesy of PaterAlf - won by Exoanthrope
Madballs in Babo : Invasion (Steam) courtesy of F1ach
Nightmare Cooperative, The (Steam) courtesy of F1ach
Penumbra Collection, The (GOG) courtesy of RadonGOG - won by Vythonaut
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise
Samaritan Paradox, The (Desura) courtesy of _Slaugh_ (via Austrobogulator) - won by Gede
Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves (GOG) courtesy of IamSinistar - won by kmonster
Shattered Haven (Steam) courtesy of katy12250 - won by chadjenofsky
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise
Star Nomad (choice of Desura or Steam) courtesy of PaterAlf - Desura won by IronArcturus; Steam by catharsis
STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Special Edition (GOG) courtesy of Foxworks - won by VampiroAlhazred
Sword of the Stars Complete Collection (Steam) courtesy of ElTerprise - won by leon30
Thief Town (Humble Bundle link) courtesy of PaterAlf - won by BobbyTastic
Volchaos (Desura) courtesy of PaterAlf
Why So Evil? (choice of Steam or Desura) courtesy of PaterAlf
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Wow! Awesome and thank you for the giveaway, genki! I'm now in and still +1! :D

After much wrangling from our beloved genki, here are my choices!

1.) Body Changer, The (Desura)
2.) Samaritan Paradox (Steam via Indie Royale)
3.) Awesomenauts (Steam HB gift)
4.) Sentinel (Indie Gala giftlink)
5.) Supreme Commander Gold Edition (Humble link)

:D Thanks again, genki!
Post edited March 12, 2015 by niniendowarrior
Happy GOGversary, Genki
high rated
Please give some +1 love to the people who donated:

And kac12250 is a friend from another forum ^__^
Post edited March 15, 2015 by genkicolleen
genkicolleen: You may think I'm just referring to my nick, but "genki" (Japanese) actually means "happy, energetic, optimistic, outgoing," etc, so it's a very happy giveaway~! And as additional info you may or may not want, "colleen" (Irish) means "girl," so the meaning of my user name is "Optimistic Girl" ^__^
Congrats to your Gogiversary! Thanks for the giveaway, not in as I have to keep as many games on my wishlist as possible so I can resist them in my anti-shopaholicism abstinence attempts. If I'd accept any gifts , it would sabotage my therapy :)

Your nickname is very fittingly chosen. I learned the meaning of genki when I saw this for the first time:

Sometimes when I walk and hike around, I sing this inside my head but only if the weather is nice and everything else is sufficiently genki!
Genki GOGiversary you genki girl! Let's have an awesome party with lot's of genki-ness and lot's of ~~~'s too! :DDDD

I would like to be only for Penumbra Collection (GOG) as i don't see anything else on the list that could possibly make me genki. :P


edit: I didn't see that there is a conversation topic.. oh I think I should check my eyes.. anyway, I'll edit my post tomorrow to add just what I do to turn a bad situation into something less bad.. me must go sleep! g' night! :)

edit #2: So, how do I add a positive spin in a bad situation? I always meet my friends for talk & laughing. It doesn't get better than this! If I can't meet with my friends for whatever reasons, I'm connecting my 4-string friend to the amplifier and there comes the joy! Honorable mentions: PC Gaming, movies (Pick of Destiny / Airheads helped me a lot of times) and the thought that after every storm, there is sunshine! ;-)
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Ack, I forgot one! Added AI War Collection (GOG)
Not in, but thank you so much for this great GA, Big +1 and happy GOGiversary :)
Not in, but a huge +1 for a huge giveaway.
What a massively Genki Giveaway! Thanks, Genki, and congrats on your GOGiversary!

Here's my picks:

1. Daikatana (Steam)
2. Shattered Haven (Steam)
Happy GOGiversary genki , just as your name suggested you have been no doubt a wonderful member of the gog forums always so positive.

Not in but +1 for everyone whos donated
Happy GOGiversary! I have to say that Genki is very descriptive of you for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm in for:

1: Hearthlands (Desura)
2.) Rush for Glory (Desura)
Not in, but this is an awesome giveaway! +1 to all of the contributors.
Happy GOGiversary! Not in, but nice GA!
Not in. +1 and of course happy GOGiversary.

For your topic of conversation. Anytime I have a bad day or situation all I have to do is spend time with my doggy or kitty and my problems fade away. They make life so much easier to deal with =)