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Yeah I've never got a game for the extras. If I want a game it'll be for the game, OST's are nice but aren't a deal breaker/maker for me.
They sell games here?
I recently deleted all of the extras I have downloaded because I realized I had never actually even looked at any of them in the years that they have been occupying space on my hard drive. Having extras is no where near as important to me as the games themselves and their DRM-freeness.
tinyE: They sell games here?
Only to people worthy of them. You lost the right to buy games here the moment you began posting on the forums.
IMO this just comes down to newer game producers not bothering with manuals, and selling soundtracks as additional. Personally I find buying the soundtrack for 2 dollars more or whatever a pretty reasonable decision to leave in my hands, while the lack of a manual just depresses me.

It's not like GOG is going to reverse these trends though.
P1na: It's nice having bonuses, but I hardly ever look at them. While I would like getting more extras on GOG releases, I wouldn't want GOG to reject games because the dev refuses to include the soundtrack on the package.
I agree with you --I've downloaded *all* of the bonus content for all the games I have purchased, but I think it has only been maybe a handful of times I have actually opened any of the extra content out of curiosity.

In some cases it was to hear a track or two from the soundtrack or a game which came with a "making of" video (which I will watch if available).

Having a DRM free game is important; about the only bonus material I would probably really need is a manual for one of the "Good Old Games" which never came with integrated help or tutorials.
I prefer most of the older titles anyway. I would love it if GOG would include all extras for new games by staying within the same price range as other sites like Steam.

I think there have been cases where the extras were only available for a short time on GOG during pre-order stage because that was the agreement with the developer or publisher.
I'm not an 'extras' person myself so a lot of those bits never see the light of day on my hard drive. Manuals and keyboard cards for complex games are not something I consider extra. If you need it to figure out how to play the title then that isn't extra anything, and I completely understand gripes about those bits missing.

But "The Making of..." artwork and stuff like that? Nah, not a big deal to me.

All that being said, it's good that you're voicing your thoughts on the matter. This is still a niche place and people do buy games here for particular reasons other than "the title showed up in the catalog". Frankly, I hope your message makes its way to gOg and, more importantly, to the developers and publishers. Some vendors get away with operating on volume, and for many titles gOg offers a value-add - beyond DRM-free - that makes purchase at this store more attractive for some buyers.
I like extras, but the problem here, at least for newer games, has more to do with devs and publishers than it has to do with gog. Newer games have soundtracks released separately for more money, extra content sold separately or put in Collector's edition packs, etc.

The options gog has:
- Sell the entire thing more expensive (the collector's edition pack price) and include all the extras with it. This will be more expensive than most other stores that just sell the base game, and people who only want the base game will buy that.
- Sell those extras separately (and become like most other stores).

It is a sad situation, but I'd definitely prefer the second option to the first (for newer games).
I don't know what gog did with the Witcher 3, it would have been cool if they had bundled everything together in 1 pack for gog, and had it separate for other stores.