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NoNewTaleToTell: I recently tried the MIDI Guitar, it's pretty neat but the latency is a bit off for most instruments, which is understandable to be fair.
Yeah, the lag was difficult for me to get used to also on the You Rock. It was ok for slower stuff, but anything faster and precise just didn't feel right to me. And it'd miss some notes that I thought I was playing.

I ran the midi out through an old Alesis Nanopiano module that I had - which despite being decades old still had far better sounds than the built in sounds imho.

I guess it was "fun", but I couldn't get proficient enough with it to use it reliably. Hats off to the guys that can use it well though - I've heard some awesome stuff - but I reached a certain point where I understood that I wanted something that would convert my stringed instrument to midi, not just a midi input device that played sortof like a guitar. There are so many subtle things you do when playing a guitar that you don't realize until a midi device explicitly makes them obvious. String bending, palm muting, attack, sustain, and just overall dynamic control is very different.