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If GOG wants to, they can go Steam route and have seperate Chinese store with only CCP approved games on sale. Basing their business strategy on staying under the radar of Chinese censors isn't going to work long term and means they have to stay constantly on their toes about any content that someone in China might find objectionable and raise a ruckus about.

Sooner or later something is going to catch their attention and then the Chinese censors don't hesitate for a second to block the main site and demand that they set up a seperate page for China that is curated by the CCP.
toxicTom: So what's better: GOG getting whipped out of China, leaving the field to Steam and Epic who both are in bed with the dictators - but get the game here, or GOG, with some luck, avoiding the attention from Chinese authorities and keeping their small DRM-free foothold in that country?

It's complex situation, there are no easy answers.
I understand the complexity of the situation, but they should have never committed to bringing the game here in the first place, and they definitely shouldn't have tried blaming their reversal on "gamers."
kaboro: United States global financial influence is probably the number one threat to the East right now, honestly.
StingingVelvet: The West is more or less tied together when it comes to democratic norms, but the East is all over the place. Also China was supposed to be influenced by our culture and financial power, but it's mostly gone the other way.
American Factory.
Worth watching.