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For me it would be the STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl soundtrack. The moody ambience of it, and listening to it instantly takes me back to the zone and brings back all the memories of my time there. In particular, Dirge for the Planet brings me back and makes me want to play it again and get absorbed in the atmosphere again. The melodies are so haunting and atmospheric.
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The Saboteur OST
sAdly is not here
So best runner up
That can here be bought
Ys Hellblade OST

Edit: oh, and why? Well I love the immersion these tracks bring when playing the game; it brings me right back into that 'happy' and 'fullfilling' mental state that you have when playing the game, even if it's while i'm working or driving or just relaxing on the sofa with a good book or goofing around with my kids... I've got the same with the Mad Max OST but sadly that doesn't even have a store page for the game itself... So yeah, my vote goes to Hellblade OST.

And no worries, I can keep a very good balance between 'in game' and 'in real life' ;-)
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I'd definitely take Furi's soundtrack.

The tracks are perfect to listen on their own, but for those who played the game, they will remain indelibly associated with the various bosses and events of Furi, amplifying the emotions that the game conveys.

Absolutely recommended to everyone!
That is a pretty difficult question, and you'd probably get a dozen different answers out of me depending on when you ask. Tomorrow, I'm probably gonna regret not picking some other game, but right now, I'm going with the soundtrack for Bastion.

I absolutely love weird, unique genre fusions, and Darren Korb delivered that in spades. It's been nearly ten years since Bastion's release, but I still remember how it contributed to my enthusiasm for the then-upcoming indie scene. With that kind of creative talent contributing, the future of gaming seemed pretty great.

From americana and strings, to heartfelt ballads, to sitar over hip hop beats backed up by some gnarly overdriven guitar, there isn't a track that I don't absolutely love. And despite its disparate influences, the whole thing just feels so strangely cohesive. It is totally unique, and stands up equally as well on its own as it does bringing to life the world of Bastion.