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Urban Dreams by Kebu

Mainframe by Waveshaper
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Jon & Vangelis - I'll Find My Way Home 1982

The Human League - Love Action

The Human League - Open Your Heart

I may be scraping the barrel with this one. But this is the 1986 theme tune from a very popular British hospital TV series, so may not exactly fit the theme of the topic (but is still a synth tune)...
Casualty Theme Tune
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Ferus Melek - Rush of Hades
Planet Sadness by TLF

Nights at Lake Milsen by Midnight Danger
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Odyssey Of Noise Vol. I by Occams Laser

Odyssey Of Noise Vol. II by Occams Laser

Odyssey Of Noise Vol. III by Occams Laser

Final Flight by Star Warrior

Nighttime Affair by Kondensator

The Guns Of The IMS Starshatter by ChillKid

Burn Butcher Burn - Turbo Knight, WEVPON, Ryan Ward, EPHMERIX, Starquake Synthmaster by Turbo Knight

Electric Heart by Roxi Drive

RETROEVIL 19XX by Shock Neon

IONS by Turboslash

Kingdom II by Arcade High
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Best Of 2021 by Various Artists
We're So Happy You Discovered This Technology​ by SLVMBER

System Integration by SPACEINVADER

Chimera by d.notive
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Max Laser and Driod Jazzz 3000 - Battle Droid
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Mental Minority - The Void of Atrocity
Dystopia Now by Mental Minority
There is a bug bundle up on groupers now if you are interested.
Donbor - Remoteness
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Carpenter Brut - Leather Terror
Cosmic Hero 3 by Earmake

Tortured Waters by DEADLIFE
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City Wars: Tokyo Reign (Original Soundtrack) by Mitch Murder

Phantasm by Occams Laser
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