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Dark Space I & II by IN†ERSIGNO

The Airborn Express by Airborn
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ORION by Immateriæ
Finished a first draft of a new post-punk & new wave focused playlist covering 2010-2014:

More experimental and challenging version:
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Let me add this thread to my bookmark.. :-D

2:30AM (VHS skyline) - Crystal Cola - A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986 OST
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2043 by Power Glove

Neon Marathon by Nowtro

Wanderers by The G
Neon Prince by Neontenic

Night Paradise by Jake the Kid

The Stranger by Shadowrunner

Atlantis by Marvel83'
Your Future Awaits by Electron Odyssey
Omegagon - Attunement
Azure by L'Avenue

Endless Echoes by MegaGlitch

The Next Thing by Color Theory

Jaded Shadow by Signal Void
Mother Solitude - Special Edition by Echoberyl

Love Kills the Demon by ORAX
RYU [EP] by Acryl Madness
Hollow Temple by HECATE SOLARI
The Phantom Machine (Original Soundtrack) by Waveshaper

Destroy To Create by Powernerd
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Mega Corp - Undefeated
Lights A.M - Lightworker