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EDGE by Street Cleaner

Contagion by Vector Hold

Valentina Moretti by Valentina Moretti
Engines Of Illusion by Gen Hex
New Perturbator single from the upcoming album:

Perturbator "Death of the Soul" [Music Video - "Lustful Sacraments" - 2021]
Midnight Danger - Road to Madness (Guitar Playthrough)

Best thing is that he looks like a corps in exodus from the boring graveyard and suddenly came alive when he found a guitar...

Midnight Danger - Chapter 2 - Endless Nightmare (Full Album) 2020
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GUNSHIP - Dark All Day (Power Glove Remix) [Official Video]
Encounter by CYBERIAN
Pardon any reposts. You know how it goes on GOG.

Starlight Brigade by TWRP

Just Vectorwolf. As a whole.

Theme of Snatcher from the Konami Midi Power Collection.

Sailorwave I & II from Macross 88-92.
Outer Space Adventure (Full Album) by Rocksun MusicProd
Neuroframe by Mega Drive
Cyberpunk 1997 Playlists (not strongly tied to any music genre besides general electronic, though it is more industrial and sometimes techno-related as it goes into the 90s):
The idea for these playlists was a radio-style OST for a game like Cyberpunk 2077 if it was made in 1997, with unlimited licensing opportunities. It spans music from 1959-1999 (I gave myself a bit of leeway here), and it was inspired by a PS1 demake proof of concept video I saw recently. A few songs are also from Zetamaceta's recent ambient playlist.

I wanted to include some more game and movie OST music but alas it's not on spotify. Perhaps it's for the best though considering how long these ended up.

Some other genres and themes that I couldn't fit into the description: electro- and synth punk, crossover, breakbeats; totalitarianism, paranoia, alienation, dehumanization

Let me know if I missed anything cool!
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Don't Panic! by Turbo Knight
New Perturbator album Lustful Sacraments is out and is PWYW on bandcamp.

Also a new Trevor Something album will drop on the 4th of June. No link yet.
Aurorium by Terra Genesis

Cyberpunk'd by Cyviuz

The Never Ending by FM Attack
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Datafaze by Alumo

Synthetic Dreams by Sophie Rose
Trevor Something - Love Me and Leave Me just arrived. PWYW on bandcamp.