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high rated
• $2.99 • -70% • Fallout
• $2.99 • -70% • Fallout 2
• $2.99 • -70% • Fallout Tactics
• $7.99 • -60% • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
• $7.99 • -60% • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition
avatar My Time at Portia - By far the most different title on our list, this game is actually full of bright, calming colors and highlights the human spirit, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Taking plenty of inspiration from games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, you’re tasked with running a workshop, helping townsfolk, and building up the town. It’s a quaint resource-management title that is the perfect way to unwind after playing one of the more daunting games on this list.
It's really a charming and relaxing game, although it's not about farming as much as the mentioned titles.

What's irritating though is the constant advertising of (cosmetic) DLC in the game - which is not available here.
Currently playing Wasteland 1: The Original Classic, and wondering whether to get Wasteland Remastered. (I posted a topic on the corresponding subforum, but still haven't received a reply.)
Fallout 3 (^o^) Forever!!! I already has played for about 150 hrs (65 hrs on Gog) and don't discovered all missions and companions... What a BIG game.
And by the way, you can release Fallout 4..
but what about the bread of the future?
I liked Fallout 3 so much that I bought it at retail.
toxicTom: What's irritating though is the constant advertising of (cosmetic) DLC in the game - which is not available here.
Thanks for the warning, won't be buying that one!
TomNook: I liked Fallout 3 so much that I bought it at retail.
One of my favorite games too. Had a retail copy of it and then when it came on GOG, I bought it right away even without a huge discount. Just in case the release was a mirage or the devs changed their minds lol.

Actually I have retail copies of all the Fallout games from Fallout 3 NV and earlier now that I think about it. Fallout 4 came after I joined GOG, so won't worry about it unless it comes here.
tfishell: but what about the bread of the future?
Stashed and save!
avatar ... a particular day - October 23, 2077. Better known as “The Day The Bombs Dropped.” In this fictional reality, this was the day that China and the US duked it out, and countless nuclear bombs dropped all around the world.
Right, I have a minute of silence, Oct 23 2088+ (two hot in between to sit in one place, sorry!)
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But it's not October 23rd yet...
Fallout 3 is widely considered to be trash and an insult to the original Fallout games, calling it a "masterpiece" is a bit of a stretch,
Regarding Fallout. This is a great sale opportunity for anyone that purchased it on Steam and hoping it would become free on Gog, to instead buy it a nice discount and help contribute to Gog's ecosystem. It is nice to revisit Fallout 3 every couple of years and play it obsessively, sinking hundreds of hours into the game, finding even new undiscovered areas or Easter eggs with each playthrough. Hope that Microsoft sees fit to continue the Bethesda / GOG relationship.
For a moment I thought I saw Madmax and thought the game was getting released here.