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tfishell: but what about the bread of the future?
If you are refering to bread as in bread that we eat..... there probably won't be any bread or other things , only plants to be eaten by us :D
TomNook: I liked Fallout 3 so much that I bought it at retail.
i Only bought Fallout , Fallout 2 and Tactics on retail dvd as soon as they were released in the retailshops , which are now almost completely gone, and replaced by online ""shops"" , shops that many times will sent / ship the wrong products and all those online shops will reduce the number of jobs....

Anyway that is progress i guess: buy online and add another large number of unemployed to the allready unemployed locally and across the world.
Post edited October 22, 2020 by gamesfreak64
morolf: Fallout 3 is widely considered to be trash and an insult to the original Fallout games, calling it a "masterpiece" is a bit of a stretch,
I agree .... then again i am a classic gamer, grew up playing old games , 3d games already existed many years ago, but after a while they started to replace the 2d games and 99% of the good old games were developed in FPP or full 3d featuring zooming . panning and full rotation , that is when i stopped buying the games.

Anyway , GOG was born and luckily they had loads of classic games , i bought many of them.

McMicroDonalds: For a moment I thought I saw Madmax and thought the game was getting released here.
Madmax was released as a game ? i only know the movies.

i would like to have the M$ classic games DRM free

AOE games : 2d versions only not the 3d engine games
same goes for Command & Conquer and Red Alert: only the first classics, no 3d, i have the A First Decade and imho the 3d engine games are the weakest and ugliest games.

Also not interested in the remake of CnC which alsom looks too much like 3d rendered.

Bermuda Syndrome also a nice little game i have on retail but 16 bit so it won't run, also unlikely to ever arrive on GOG i fear......

Anyway there are so many good games that still not here and probably never will in the nearby future while i am able to play games, no use to release them once i am old grey and senile :D
Post edited October 22, 2020 by gamesfreak64