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Guess GOG knows about your evil ways;)
Nicole28: And that is, do you have any sharable answers as to why some developers refuse to submit patches to GOG (even though the patches have nothing to with steamworks, and are important bug fixes and updates), what does GOG do about it (do they ever call these devs up to push them on this?) and will GOG ever dare to manually grab patches from the steam version and custom update the GOG installers?
Not really. We did get some info on what they are doing, but not sure if it falls under the NDA or not.
As for getting files off the steam version and making custom updates, I think that would be distributing files the publisher hasn't given them permission for, but I guess that would depend on how each contract is worded.
But they are aware of said issue.
Djaron: But lets face it, how can someone expect to clean up and improve relation with its community/customer base through transparency yet at same time shielding some other obvious required disclosures behind an NDA. Basically it's like phoning someone just to tell him you dont want to talk with him !
I think there is a lot of misconception about the NDA part; it neither a way to silence us, it doesn't mean that the majority of the explanations, answers cannot be disclosed because of it, and it doesn't mean either that we are aware of all the next games to be released or the juicy bits about Gog and CDPR business strategy for the next 10 years.

No, 95% of the things we cannot disclose because of the NDA are mostly just extra details like numbers, names, etc... it was basically so that when talking to them instead of them having to say "when we worked on some game whose name we cannot disclose then something like that happened they would be able to say "when we worked on "gamename", the following things happened"; it was just to make the discussion easier and more natural, allowing them to talk more freely without having to weight their every words.
Nice gesture from GOG to invite some veteran members in Warsaw. I hope your advices will be validated.
tinyE: did we ever figure out what NDA was?
fr33kSh0w2012: It's called a ***NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT***
fr33kSh0w2012: It's called a ***NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT***
AlienMind: What?
it's a NDA that's what it stands for
Very interesting to read. It seems they weren't afraid to cover any controversial topics, and their explanations look good for me. This acts of transparency are a step in the right direction.
Just wanted to chime in and say that this is indeed a nice move by GOG and the 6 people showing up there.
Others may have taken the "yeah whatever" route.
Very interesting, but unfortunate that a lot is behind an NDA. Right now, my main concerns with GOG are:

1) They keep their promise with DRM-Free installers. I have no issue with Galaxy, but I want to backup my selection of favorite games for the day nuclear apocalypse is upon us so I'll be comfy playing Fallout in my bunker, next to my stack of canned beans and machineguns.

2) They UPDATE their freaking games. Or at least push a dev to please send them the necessary build! This is one reason I still majorly buy from Steam. I know my indies and newer titles won't be sitting with sometimes game breaking bugs or lacking HUGE updates like the recent STRAFE one.

3) They never stop trying to get great and classic games. Especially forgotten ones! There are tons of interesting older titles out there that GOG doesn't have still like Necrodome, Hexen, C&C, Baldies, Take No Prisoners, and there are even maybe some opportunities to bring some games like Prey 06 and Wolfenstein 09 back to sale. I understand they got all the "easy" ones but there is still SO MUCH games out there. Never stop the fight.

When I joined GOG, I saw this place as like a museum. GOG were like the champions of preserving video game history, because lets face it, this industry is fucking terrible at doing just that, and that really, really hurts. I think all games, whether they be cult classic, game changer, iconic, or kusoge, deserve to be played, observed, analyzed, and cherished. Never forgotten. I remember the day GOG got Blood for instance and I legitimately spit my drink. I remember it clear as day. It's things like that, that make this store so awesome.

4) Remember when GOG would actually sit down and talk with their community and do cool things like give fans shields and swords, create interesting videos for their YouTube channel, and use grannies knitting things as booth babes? Good times. Bring back the personality please.

As long as they do all that, I'll buy from here. If the situation with updating games actually improves, I'll buy more from here. Right now I'd say I spend more money on Steam, with some purchases here and there on GOG.

As far as the forum goes, that's unfortunate they think it will take so long. I don't personally agree that it would take that long to switch the forum software. I've been apart of many online communities before this one and I've seen them change their software within a couple weeks, tops. So unless this forum is written in R'lyehian or something, I think this translates more to "ain't nobody got time fo dat"

I hope all invited had a good time regardless, and I at least thank GOG for extending the gesture towards the community, even though not much can be said except "It's okay guys, we got this!". A quiet "yay...?" is all I can say :P

Pond86: If they are recruting for it and can't do it due to that then thats fine. I'd imagine its no easy task, would just be nice to know if they are working on games like Blood 2, so its not just sitting there in my library saying "Ha, ha, you brought me and can't play me cause your on Windows 10!"
Blood 2 does work on Windows 10. You just have to jump through a few hoops.


Though honestly, you're not missing much. The game is a fucking horrible, rushed, bug-filled, unrealized mess. But if you want to play it, dgVoodoo is needed at a minimum with a widescreen and music fan patch.
A good question would have been why this wish has not yet been marked with "in progress".
It should be if I can trust this statement :
JMich: 2) DRM-Free: DRM-Free is here to stay. Even if the industry moves towards online or mixed experiences GOG will continue to offer fully offline installers and single player experiences that will not depend on any kind of network or client connection (though there might be an optional use of such capabilities, if the player wishes).
If I was GOG's accountant I'd ask why they flew six people from five different countries to Poland and paid all their living expenses so they could have a chat, when there's this thing called Skype...
Asbeau: when there's this thing called Skype...
Signing an NDA over Skype is a pain.
Nice move from GOG and thanks to all the users that went to Warsaw for sharing the information with us. I'm delighted to see GOG is still working on bringing us old video games.
Asbeau: If I was GOG's accountant I'd ask why they flew six people from five different countries to Poland and paid all their living expenses so they could have a chat, when there's this thing called Skype...
You really can't get the same experience over Skype as you can face to face. And as JMich said, signing the NDA would have been problematic.

As for the economic aspect of it, GOG clearly thought it important enough to justify the expense. I was amazed at the lengths they went to in order to assure that they got as good input as possible.
russellskanne: A good question would have been why this wish has not yet been marked with "in progress".
Well, the second part of that wish could prove to be a little tricky to promise. ;)